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Here’s a some of my favourite online shops and brands.

Please note that those brands/ shops marked with an asterisk are an affiliate link which means I earn a (very) small commission if you make purchases using those links. You don’t pay any more but your support by using those links will help me maintain the cost of running this blog. 

My favourite natural skincare & make-up brands:

Online shops offering selections of natural skincare & make-up:

Ethical and sustainable children product brands:

  • Babi Pur – beautiful eco-friendly toys, organic clothing, cloth nappies and other ethical items
  • Bambino Mio – cloth nappies and accessories
  • Close Parent – cloth nappies and accessories
  • Cheeky Wipes – reusable wipes, sanitary pads, and other reusable items and accessories
  • Natural Baby Shower – ethical goods ranging from clothes all the way to mattresses
  • The Book People – amazing selection of books at amazingly low prices!
  • Tickle Tots – cloth nappies & accessories
  • Tots Bots – cloth nappies & accessories

My favourite healthy eating/ lifestyle brands:

Online shops offering zero waste and eco-friendly solutions:

Online distributors of raw skincare ingredients: