If you’re like me and love a good lip balm (I always have one somewhere near me, on my desk at work, in handbags, near my bed!), why not make your own? It really is super simple and the varieties are endless! In this post, I’ve decided to make my own (vegan) lip balm, using mango butter and two essential oils (geranium and ylang ylang). And yes, it costs less than £1 for a small pot!

Conventional lip balms are full of paraffin (found in products such as Vaseline balms) which, quite frankly, does absolutely nothing to your lips. It may seem like it’s moisturising your lips but have you noticed that after a while your lips feel dry again? I rest my case…

This lip balm recipe you’re about to read isn’t rocket science or doesn’t contain any special ingredients. However, it’s still full of goodness coming out from a handful of ingredients which you can be certain of are natural, clean and free from any harmful ingredients, such as parabens or preservatives.

You can pretty much replace the mango butter with shea butter or cocoa butter and freestyle with the essential oils, depending on your preferences, so it’s a very simple and versatile recipe that literally anyone can make. In fact, it could actually be a multi-purpose balm as any of those ingredients have such powerful properties, you can easily use them as a hand balm or a cuticle balm (among other uses).

I’m a huge fan of shea butter and I would normally use it to make a multi-purpose balm. However, I had a bit of mango butter left over from previous recipes and a few cute little pots from previous lip balms I bought so I thought I’d spice things up for you guys and offer a different version. Oh, and don’t you just love my beautiful lip balm container? This is such a cute pot from the Therapi Honey Skincare lip nectar and I love it that I was able to reuse it.

A few words about the ingredients:

Mango seed butter – it has skin moisturising and repairing properties, and it’s especially suitable for sun-damaged skin.

Geranium essential oil – it has a multitude of beneficial properties. Its rose-like scent itself has therapeutic qualities. In this lip balm, it’s also used for its cell regeneration purposes.

Ylang ylang essential oil – attributed with aphrodisiac properties, this is such a lovely essential oil. The scent itself has anti-depressant qualities. For this balm, I used it for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and also because it aids healing. 

I buy my raw ingredients mostly from an online wholesale shop, Akoma Skincare as they’re super affordable, often organic and, most of all, ethically produced so I’ll link them up below.

So how do you make your own lip balm?

Makes: 16g so enough for 2 small lip balm pots (usually 7g)

Shell life: approx. 6 months but I bet you’ll finish it before then!

Suitable for: all skin types

You will need:



  • ‘double boiler’ (aka a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water)
  • small glass beaker/ jug
  • metal spoon
  • small container pot(s)


  1. Melt mango butter over low heat in your ‘double boiler’.
  2. Take it off heat and add essential oils.
  3. Give it a good stir.
  4. Pour into your lip balm pot and leave to set.
  5. And voila, it’s easy as that!

On colder days it may seem a bit hard but it’ll soon melt once you touch it and apply on lips. The sweet rosy scent is simply lovely and mango butter keeps your lips soft and moisturised for hours. No more chapped lips and no more cheap ingredients (bye bye paraffin!)!

I hope you enjoy making your own lip balm. Let me know if you’ve got any other simple lip balm recipes – I’d love to try them out.

Disclaimer: I purchased all raw ingredients myself. As always, all views expressed in this post are my own and honest.