affordable natural skincare - Natural Siberica

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Not being able to find affordable natural skincare is probably the most common reason I hear most people (and especially cash-strapped Mums/ parents) use as an excuse not to switch from conventional high street skincare products to natural options. As soon as people hear “natural” or “organic”, they immediately associate that with expensive and premium products.

But trust me, it really isn’t always like that. I admit, there are some green beauty brands who charge more for their products but those premium prices are probably due to high margins set by the company and the reasons for that could be multiple. It could be because a brand is very small and can’t invest in upfront cost of purchasing raw ingredients which then translates into higher cost prices, and ultimately higher retail prices. It could also be a simple desire for a high margin to make up for the small number of items that the company knows they will sell. It could also be because the company consists of one person who formulates, handles marketing, sales, etc and they’ve included all these labour costs into their prices. These are just a few possible options why the cost of these products can be higher. So next time you see an expensive natural product, don’t simply jump into conclusions.

affordable natural skincare - Natural Siberica

Even though I have in the past spent a bit more money on more luxurious skincare products, I’m also just like everyone else and want to save money whenever possible. So for that reason I’m always on a lookout for good quality and affordable brands that offer products that don’t cost a fortune, have decent ingredients and are ethically made. So in other words, not a lot to ask for, right? 😉

One of these brands is a Russian brand Natura Siberica. I had heard about them a few years ago from other bloggers but it wasn’t until LoveLula started stocking their range that I thought it was time I tried them out. They are growing with each year since being set up in 2008 and according to Wikipedia, their revenue in 2017 was £61.6m which for a natural skincare company is pretty impressive!

Their product range is really vast, from £3 soaps to more pricey products, such as caviar-based face creams and serums retailing at around £30-35.

The unique aspect of Nature Siberica products is their use of wild harvested herbs and plants. These plants are essentially grown uncultivated in their natural habitat in Siberia, without the use of any harmful pesticides to speed up their growth. This approach means that only the strongest, most resilient plants, which are richest in nutrients and active components, can survive.

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Out of their products which I recently ordered (my definite favourite) is the Oblepikha hand cream*. At £3.95 for 75ml, it’s an amazing value for money. It has a light consistency, absorbs well into your skin, leaving it feeling silky soft. It also has the most gorgeous smell! As an eczema sufferer I’ve found that this cream works best on days when my skin just needs hydration but when my skin is flared up, it can irritate it a little bit. I’ve previously written about this cream in the post My top 5 skincare products (October 2018).

Since then, I’ve also tried their Winter Hand Cream* (75ml, £4.50) and Nourishing Hand Mask* (75ml, £5.25). Winter is a dreaded time for me as my hands react really badly to harsh winds and central heating, with painful flare ups often even leading to skin cracking and bleeding. Both products worked quite well on my hands but again, I would say they worked best on non-flare up days. Nonetheless, they do boast good ingredient formulations, with well-known skin-nourishing ingredients right at the top of their lists, such as Borage (Starflower) oil, Evening Primrose oil and some lesser-known ones, such as Arctic Cloudberry, Northern Lingonberry or Siberian Pine Nut oils.

I also tried their shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair (which I got in travel sizes but which come in 400ml bottles at an amazing value price of £6.50!) but they just weren’t suitable for my oily hair type. The shampoo cleaned my hair well and conditioner seemed to work ok but both left a lot of residue, making my hair look greasy. It could be due to wheat protein present in both formulations, which could be weighing my hair down.

On the other hand, their Softening Cream Soap* (£3.95 for 500ml) was rather pleasant and gentle on my sensitive skin so that’s a great little find which I’ll be repurchasing so we can use it in the kitchen rather than our usual soap bars in the bathroom.

The Rich Siberian White Body Butter* (£5.25 for 200ml) is also rather good and I’m still using it. It has a typical texture to any other body lotion but once spread over your skin, it feels quite rich and very velvety on your skin. It does have a rather long list of ingredients but luckily shea and cocoa butters are high on the list.

Finally, we also tested Natural Siberica’s Baby Bath Wash* (£4.45 for 250ml). It was ok but I didn’t really think my sons’ skin was any different so we’ve gone back to simpler products from other brands.

As you can see, all of the products come at a great price tag and all have really decent ingredient lists. I’m really pleased that this affordable natural skincare brand is now available in the UK and I look forward to trying more of their products. In fact, I recently bought their Northern Face Wash which I’m currently testing so watch this space! 

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