August 2018 natural skincare and beauty empties

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Welcome to my Natural Skincare and Beauty Empties series on the blog. As I get to test quite a few products every month and not all of them can get featured on my blog, I thought it would be good to do light touch reviews of products after I’ve used them up.

My latest Natural Skincare and Beauty empties include the following products:

Mono NaturOils Rose & Cucumber Cleansing Oil* (20ml – £20, 50ml – £35)

  • Pros: very gentle and effective as eye make-up remover.
  • Cons: it didn’t work for me as a face cleanser – I felt tightness and dryness on my forehead after using it which I hadn’t with other cleansers  – more thoughts in my review of Natural Beauty Box.
    Repurchase:  Yes but only to use it as eye make-up remover.


Terre Verdi The Bianco Camellia Oil (50ml, £23)

  • Pros: it’s a lovely light oil, perfect for daytime use, also suitable for babies as body/ massage oil and as hair treatment; it’s also certified organic so big thumbs up.
  • Cons: I can’t think of any!
  • Repurchase? Yes, definitely!


Therapi Honey Skincare Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream (sample pot, full size – 50ml, £40)

  • Pros: this is quite a rich cream and is great as overnight treatment, especially over a serum. I think it’ll be great in the winter too, to protect against harsh winds. I normally don’t get on well with creams but this one was really lovely. 
  • Cons: for me, it’s too rich for daytime use and it’s quite pricey.
  • Repurchase? Not sure – it’s a lovely cream but the price tag is a little off putting…


Akoma Skincare Original Ghanaian Black Soap (250ml, £7.34)

  • Pros: gentle ingredients, no SLS.
  • Cons: the pump is squirting and wasting too much product, consistency is way too runny and it’s quite pricey too. 
  • Repurchase? no, I wasn’t too impressed with it. I think their soap bars are much better and a fraction of the price!


ORGANii Facial Sun Cream SPF15* (50ml, £14.95)

  • Pros: absorbs well into skin, has a great consistency (compared to Organii’s sun milk) and has a very pleasant smell. Provides good protection against UV rays, is safe for children and most importantly doesn’t leave a white cast (which is such a big thing for my children who have dark skin). 
  • Cons: it could easily be a body sunscreen so I do wish it came in a bigger bottle, otherwise no complaints.
  • Repurchase?  Yes, I really love ORGANii’s sunscreen products. 

More thoughts on this product in my full review.


ORGANii Sun Milk SPF20* (125ml, £23.95)

  • Pros: doesn’t leave a white cast, absorbs well, smells lovely, this is our second bottle and second year of using it on my boys. If you buy it from LoveLula, it includes a 50ml after sun cream (worth £4.95) which is a brilliant after sun treatment.
  • Cons: its consistency is very runny (hence the name ‘milk’, I guess!) which makes application quite tricky, especially on moving children! It is a bit pricey too.
  • Repurchase? Yes, definitely – I just wish the consistency was a little bit thicker.

More information about both the sun milk as well as the after sun cream can be found in my full review.


Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil* (100ml, £24.95)

  • Pros: it’s a lovely blend of plant-based oils, all of which nourish the skin from within. I’ve really enjoyed the soft skin it leaves on your skin!
  • Cons: the price is quite excessive in my view, making this oil an indulgent treat only to be used “on special occasions”, this is definitely not a weekday kind of oil unless you can splurge £30 on a new bottle every month! To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on its aroma either – the smell of avocado oil is quite potent and despite being mixed with essential oils, I could still get a whiff of the avocado oil when it was on my skin. It’s obviously a very subjective opinion when it comes to smells but I found the smell of avocado oil quite off putting.
  • Repurchase? Not sure – the smell was a little bit annoying and I’m also hesitant because of the price. 


Which products have you recently finished using? Which ones did you enjoy using and which ones were just a bit ‘meh’?

[disclaim]Disclaimer: Products marked with an asterisk were kindly gifted to me as part of my collaboration with brands. Nevertheless, all views expressed in this post are, as always, all mine and genuine. This post also contains some affiliate links.  [/disclaim]

August 2018 natural skincare and beauty empties