Natural Skincare Favourites

Can you actually believe that it’s May already? I’m honestly concerned how quickly time is flying! Or is it just me feeling like every day and week is slipping through my fingers?

Or maybe it’s a Mum thing, when you’re busy running around (sometimes frantically like a headless chicken!) and being absorbed by sorting out all sorts of stuff for the kids, house, not to mention a full time job! As a working Mum of two little children, there’s just limited time for self-care and putting my needs (relating to mental and physical wellbeing, let alone skincare & beauty!) first. The basic minimum I do commit to looking after my skin though is my evening and morning routines. In the evening, it’s all about cleansing my face & taking off my make-up (without a fail!!!). This is non-negotiable and something I do every evening. No excuses that I’m tired and can’t be bothered to take off my make-up! Obviously then there’s the moisturising and also exfoliating, both face and body, every few days. My quick morning make-up routine (see my YouTube video) helps me to feel good about my tired-looking and sleep-deprived face – once I have make-up on, no matter how basic, I feel ready to start the day and I don’t feel down because of how tired I look underneath! Do you feel the same?

Using high-quality natural (and organic where possible) skincare and beauty products has done so much goodness to my skin. Even though I complain of tiredness, my skin still doesn’t reflect this as much as it would have if hadn’t used the products that I use these days. 

So in April, my favourite natural skincare products were:

Juno Skincare Joie Light & Luxurious Day & Night Face Oil (30ml, £60)*

This is a truly luxurious facial oil, blended with some of the most skin-nourishing oils (kiwi and pomegranate seed oils are the hero ingredients here!). It absorbs so well, and deeply hydrates and softens the skin. It blends perfectly with both the Inika and Living Nature foundations that I currently use, resulting in dewy and fresh looking skin. It also works as an overnight treatment over a serum. It is without a shadow of a doubt expensive but as with any facial oils, you do need to look at it as a long-term investment. Your skin will thank you in years to come!


Beauty Kubes – Organic shampoo cubes (27 cubes, £8.50)

Wow, what an invention! I love a bit of a gimmick but these cubes are so much more than that! I’ve spotted them on the Instagram account of a few fellow green beauty bloggers who received theirs as part of the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box in March or April (which has tempted me to subscribe to it as I loved the February one I got sent, and all the other boxes always seem so interesting, featuring lesser known brands). These little cubes – believe it or not – lather up extremely well when crumbled and mixed with water (but don’t contain any SLS), and clean my oily-prone hair wonderfully well. Unlike shampoo bars (although, admittedly, I’ve only tried one brand), they don’t leave any residue on your hair. A huge tick from me, a usually fussy shampoo user!


The Rose Tree Organic – Carrot and mango cleansing butter* (50ml, £27)

A beautifully gentle yet very effective cleanser. Wonderfully-smelling and with a smooth consistency (completely butter-like, as described), it glides smoothly on your skin and removes all impurities. Effect? Fresh and soft skin. One of the main ingredients here, carrot oil is a great little ingredient, being extremely rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as essential fatty acids. As a result, it helps to regenerate and moisturise skin, making this butter perfect for anyone with dry and tired skin. 


Living Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation – Pure Buff (30ml, £29)*

I’d heard of Living Nature’s foundation a while ago and I thought it would be worth trying it. Their colour palette is much darker than other brands’ so the coolest shade available (“pure buff”) is a little darker than what I’d normally go for. I’m fairly pale but when I tried a sample of the foundation, I noticed that if I apply a very thin layer rather than go for thicker coverage, the shade is absolutely fine and not too contrasting with my décolletage or hands. The consistency is very lightweight and it blends so well into your skin, achieving a completely flawless finish. 


Inika Loose Mineral Blush – Red apple (3g, £23)*  

This is such a pigmented blusher so you literally need a tiny drop to buff into your cheeks. Completely vegan, it gives a really warm red/pinkish hue on your cheeks. I think it works well for my pale skin tone, giving it just enough rosiness. I originally got it from LoveLula but it seems to have been discontinued, although I’ve spotted it’s still available on Inika’s main website as well as through Planet Organic. 


Have you tried any of these? What products are you loving right now?

[disclaim]Disclaimer: Items marked with an asterisk were sent to me to test, some as part of my involvement in the LoveLula Accredited Bloggers Program. Nevertheless, all views expressed in this post are 100% mine and honest.[/disclaim]