Miel Botanicals Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap

“Prosecco in a shave soap? A shave soap?” I hear you ask. Well, if you’re intrigued as I was initially, then do read on 🙂

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Back in the summer last year, in one of my monthly favourites posts I briefly touched on the subject of zero waste shaving and using shaving soaps so today I’m bringing you a review of a very unique shaving soap, Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap by Miel Botanicals. 

Miel is a small company based in East Lothian in Scotland and was founded by Karin Ormiston. She started making soaps in 2015 but began selling them only in April 2017. The name Miel is short for Made In East Lothian but also means ‘honey’ in Spanish, which is one of the ingredients used in Karin’s products. Karin’s vision has been to create unique shaving soaps to help others to soothe irritated skin caused by mass-produced shaving products. Karin’s also been driven by a desire to help minimise the use of aerosol cans typically used to store conventional shaving gels and foams, which are tricky to recycle.

Karin hand makes all of her products in small batches by using a traditional cold-process soaping method to preserve the natural goodness and beneficial properties of the soap ingredients. To make the Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap, she first infuses a blend of plant-based oils with organic rose petals. She then blends these with prosecco, Fresh rose clay (to achieve that ‘slip’ feeling on your skin) as well as pure essential oils. And voila – the gorgeous Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap is born!

Apart from shaving soaps, Miel also produce conventional soaps and other non-skincare products (for instance, furniture wax). 

Despire being a young artisan brand, Miel has already won a prestigious accolade for the Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap, namely GOLD at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2017.

So what about a shaving soap? What is it and what exactly is “zero waste shaving”?

A shaving soap is essentially a soap that you use to lather your skin prior to shaving  instead of a conventional foam or gel. It’s a so called “zero waste” method because the packaging the soap normally comes in is very minimal and/ or recyclable/ reusable (either cardboard packet or metal tin). Therefore the waste produced as a result of a conventional shaving foam or gel is completely reduced. Not to mention the chemical ingredients which typically go into your typical shaving gel or foam and the huge environmental impact their production has on the planet and our waterways. 

Product description:

“Our gorgeous award-winning Prosecco & Rose Shaving Soap comes with a luxury cruelty-free shaving brush with wooden handle. Presented in a craft gift box with magnetic closure and rose tissue. The perfect gift for anyone who would love a gentle shave, silky skin and a new way to enjoy Prosecco! Get the best silky smooth lather from your shaving soap using this traditional handmade shaving brush with firm but gentle man-made bristles. Looks and feels as good as the old fashioned badger bristle shaving brush but cruelty-free.

Our soaps are 100% natural and palm oil free, contain no chemical nasties and are not tested on animals. Both the shaving soap and the shaving brush are vegan friendly.”

Size and price: 80g, set of soap & brush – £25, also sold separately – soap £10, brush £16



  • Sodium Olivate – sodium salt of fatty acids from olive oil; skin conditioning agent.
  • Prosecco – acts as a preservative
  • Sodium Cocoate – sodium salt of fatty acids from coconut oil; skin conditioning agent.
  • Persea Gratissima – avocado oil; rich in vitamins A, D, E and Omega 9 fatty acids; it promotes skin healing and regeneration.
  • Butyrosperum Parkii – shea butter; emollient, highly moisturising, skin smoothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Sodium Castorate – fatty acids derived from castor oil; acts as a cleansing and emulsifying agent
  • Kaolinite – kaolin clay; used to exfoliate and cleanse skin; reduces excess oiliness, inflammation and removes impurities.
  • Pelargonium Roseum Leaf Oil – used for its fragrance but also used in aromatherapy to lift moods and reduce anxiety.



Ingredients: All of the ingredient bring so much goodness to your skin and are so super gentle on even the most sensitive skin. As someone who suffers from contact dermatitis, I can vouch this soap is really gentle indeed. That silky-smooth effect is truly achieved, thanks to the rose clay used in this soap.

Use and benefits: With any shaving soap, you can just use it on its own to add a layer onto your skin before shaving. But to make your shaving experience even better, ladies – let’s follow the example from some men who go to traditional barbers to get their facial hair cut using traditional razors and brushes, now considered ‘old-school’. The brush helps you use less product as it creates the lather literally within seconds. As you apply the lather with the brush onto your skin, this gently lifts up the hairs, making them ready for shaving. This is the opposite of what a conventional shaving foam or gel does, which is to flatten the hairs. Overall, I’ve found this shaving soap luxurious, easy to use and really good at picking up the hairs and turning a usually mundane everyday task into a more indulgent me-time ritual. The brush itself is super soft, made from synthetic fibres so it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Price: If you do question the cost of a £10 soap or indeed £16 for a shaving brush, let me just tell you that this soap will easily last you a year (even with a regular use of twice a week)! Mine that I featured on the blog in the summer 2017 is still going strong and there’s definitely another year in it. Plus, think about all the chemicals that you will be avoiding by choosing a shaving soap too. As for the brush – it really does improve the shaving performance and is a product for years to come so I do think it’s worth its price tag.

Packaging: As mentioned before, the soap comes in a reusable/ recyclable metal tin while the brush is vegan and cruelty-free, so that receives a big thumbs up from me.

Overall verdict:

Well, what can I say that I haven’t said before? This soap is simply gorgeous and I’m also completely impressed by how much better the shaving experience is due to the brush. As I said before, while I’m disappointed the zero waste shaving ‘thing’ wasn’t a big of a ‘thing’ back in the late 90s and then early 00s when I started shaving. But hey, the damage is done but I still have years to come to enjoy the shaving experience with soaps such as this one.



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Zero Waste Shaving: Miel Botanicals Prosecco & Rose Shave Soap & Vegan Shaving Brush Set

Disclaimer: This shaving soap was kindly sent to me by the lovely Karin at Miel Botanicals to test and review. Nevertheless, all views expressed in all of my posts are always 100% mine and honest.