GRWM - Quick make-up look for busy Mums

Up until three years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about make-up. And I mean nothing. Nada. I wasn’t too fussed about it either. Even when I was getting married and my friend who was doing my wedding make-up  asked me what look I wanted to go for, I actually had no idea.

The truth is – I hadn’t really understood how make-up worked and how to apply it. My Mum never used any make-up so it’s not something I was able to learn from her. I used to use a bit of mascara and foundation, and occasionally some eyeshadow when I was going out to parties (although I applied it really poorly, looking at photos now!).Then three years ago, when planning what to wear for a friend’s wedding, I turned to YouTube to learn a few tricks about applying make-up. I learnt so much from those video tutorials and so my love for make-up began. It gave me so much confidence to know I was applying the right shade of foundation and didn’t look like an orange, and my skills in applying eyeshadow to suit my eye shape (and hooded eyelid!) improved massively. I looked in the mirror and saw a rather pretty (to me, anyway!) looking girl and I liked what I saw.

It had taken me 32 years to finally understand how to apply make up but hey, better late than never, right? And do you know what? It makes me feel good about myself more than anything else! I’m a tired Mama with a full time job, two children, a house to run, things to do, places to be, and I don’t have much time for any me-time. So spending 15 minutes every day to do my make-up in the morning really lifts up my spirits and increases my confidence. I’ve now roped in my Mum too (who’s 60 this year and looking more glam than ever before!!) and she’s become more knowledgeable about make-up than me! I think that’s rather cool. She feels so confident too and while other people may think that’s shallow to rely on make-up to make you feel good about yourself, my view is that you do you, and I’ll do me. We all have to find something to make us feel good.

When I was on maternity leave with Max (in 2016/17), I tried to apply it as often as I could because I knew even if I had a tough night and terrible eye bags under my eyes, my wonderful make-up would sort me out. Obviously, applying make-up every day wasn’t possible during those early newborn days and even now on the weekend, when I’m occupied with the kids, I don’t always have time to apply it. But when I do apply it, believe you me – my self-confidence is so much higher.

So recently I found myself recording my usual daytime make-up look for my YouTube channel but then I edited it out and I thought – who would want to see this? I’m no make-up artist or an expert, after all. Why would anyone spend their precious time watching a rather mediocre make-up tutorial of some sort? But then I thought that maybe there’s another tired Mum out there, looking for make-up inspiration. But not from a beautiful YouTube beauty blogger with thousands of followers, applying her pristine looking make-up to her pristine looking face lightened by some expensive behind-the-camera lighting (and maybe even some filters applied to her videos afterwards – yes, they are an actual thing!). Instead she may be looking for an everyday sort of gal like me, a Mum too, simply applying make-up on a dining room floor (because that’s where the lighting is the best in my cave-like house!) and giving a real-life example of how to do it quickly in 10-15 minutes and how to make yourself feel good inside. My routine is pretty simple so perfect for when you’re strapped for time in the morning, rushing out of the door for work or even before a school run.

So after two months of hesitating, my first ‘get ready with me’ video is now up on my channel. I hope you enjoy it and learn a trick (or maybe even two!) of how to apply make-up to raise your confidence!

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The natural make-up products that I used in the video are as follows:

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