Ooh! Oils of Heaven Organic Avocado Hydrating Face Oil

I’ve reviewed a few oils from Ooh! Oils of Heaven before (cacaybaobab and tamanu) so receiving their Organic Avocado Hydrating Oil in the February LoveLula Beauty Box was a lovely surprise and an excellent addition to my collection of face oils. Ooh! Oils of Heaven Organic Avocado Oil

Product description:

“Our organic Avocado oil is cold pressed from the Avocado pulp. Organic Avocado oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E and can thus provide your skin with deep hydration and protection. Apply 2-3 drops and massage gently into skin using circular motions. May be used underneath your make-up. Avocado oil is suitable for day or night care as well as for fine lines, wrinkles and stretchmarks. Store out of direct sunlight.”

Size and price: 30ml – £19, 15ml – £9.50, 5ml – £2.50


Ingredients: 100% Persea Gratissima Oil (organic)



Ingredients: Just one but oh so powerful ingredient in this oil! Avocado oil is excellent choice for anyone with dry and mature skin. This is due to its high content of oleic acid which dry skin lacks, as well as its collagen boosting properties. On the other hand, its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a perfect solution for sun-damaged skin, as well as those of us with eczema and psoriasis. Finally, it’s also a great as a hair conditioning treatment. 

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Organic Avocado Oil

Use and benefits: I’ve used it on my face, hair, hands and even as an eye-make up remover. And it worked wonders every single time. Its thick and rich consistency means you only need a couple of drops to distribute it across your face (which has to be damp or spritzed with floral water to help the oil absorb well!). All avocado oils have a very strong smell not resembling fresh avocados at all so if your nose is as sensitive as mine, then you may want to add a drop of your favourite essential oil before you apply the oil to your face. I used it under make-up (liquid foundation) or as an overnight treatment and it’s made my skin so hydrated. For my hair, I added a few drops of rosemary oil to this oil and applied the mixture to my hair ends as well as scalp 30 minutes before washing my hair. I never used to use any oils on my hair but now I follow this treatment a couple of times a week, I’m finding my ends aren’t as dry, the roots don’t get as oily and my scalp isn’t as itchy as before. I also tried this oil as an overnight treatment to calm down eczema flare ups on my hands and it really hydrated my skin. Finally, I thought I’d try it as an eye make up remover (as I’d run out of one lol!!) and while I was a bit anxious it would be too thick and would leave an oily film over my eyes (previous cleansing oils did do that) but it really surprised me. It removed all mascara really well and didn’t leave any residue whatsoever.

Price: We all know how expensive one avocado is so to produce oil from their pulp (which from what I’ve read takes approx. 1kg to make 100ml oil) is obviously going to come with a high price tag too. Especially if they’re organic avocados. However, I’ve looked around at other brands stocking organic avocado oils and this one is definitely more pricey. I’m not quite sure what other brands are doing to achieve lower costs so that’s definitely something to look into.

I do love Ooh! oils though and know their oils are cold-pressed and high quality so if you love them too and want to stick with them, then do look out for discounts on LoveLula’s website.

Packaging: The 30ml oil comes in a glass bottle with a very handy dropper which makes it super easy to dispense just the right amount. If you want to try a smaller 15ml size bottle, please note it doesn’t have the dropper so it’s a little bit more tricky to get a smaller amount out.

Overall verdict:

Overall, I love love love this oil!! It has worked well as a moisturiser for my face (and under make up), proven to work wonders on my hair (which I’d never thought I would say, having very oil-prone hair!), to calm down eczema flare ups on my hands and even as an eye make-up remover.




[disclaim] Disclaimer: This oil was included in one of the LoveLula Beauty Boxes which I received as part of my involvement in LoveLula’s Accredited Bloggers Programme. Nevertheless, all views expressed in all of my posts are always 100% mine and honest. [/disclaim]