gratitude journal

Welcome to my weekly gratitude journal where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

I went back to work last week after nearly a week off work (due to tonsillitis) and it was a rather hectic week. Lots of meetings at work (literally back to back!), then rushing back home to pick up the boys, doing household chores, etc. Despite a week off work, I’m still feeling tired and try to go to bed early each night but it’s not always possible. Getting everything organised for the following day (boys’ clothes, breakfast and lunch meal preps, washing, folding, etc.) takes so much time in the evenings and I end up finishing around 10.30pm anyway. That’s a long and tiring day considering I get up at 5.30am – it’s just non-stop! And there’s literally no time just to myself then which sometimes makes me so depressed. What did I use to do with my time before kids and all these household chores?! It’s crazy when I think about it now – I really used to take having all this time to myself for granted in the past. 

So last week I didn’t really get to record (either physically on here or metaphorically in my brain) any of the little moments that made me happy. It’s a bit odd actually as I can always think of something but last week feels like a blur thinking about it now. Two things I do remember though are booking flights to see my brother in Germany  and my Mum in Poland – both for a long weekend in May to coincide with their birthdays. My Mum is 60 this year so it’ll be lovely to be there for her milestone birthday, although I know she’s a bit reluctant to see it that way. We’ll have to do something special for her though! Both weekends will be a bit of a retreat for me as I’m going all by myself – wow, I’ll actually have some undisturbed sleep for once! Roll on May 🙂

Have a great week everyone! Stay positive and mindful!