gratitude journal

Welcome to my weekly gratitude journal where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

This is what made me happy last week:


Feeling great after a lazy weekend being spoilt by my boys.


Unfortunately I woke up feeling absolutely rubbish, with swollen glands/ sore tonsils, and felt shivery all over. Luckily I worked from home that day anyway so was snuggled up under two blankies and in two thick jumpers, whilst catching up on some admin for work. 


An appointment to the doctor confirmed I have tonsillitis but as I had it already last month and took a course of antibiotics, the doc was reluctant to prescribe them again. Hopefully the infection is only viral and will clear up within days with a bit of rest as I really want to avoid taking antibiotics again and reducing my immunity even further. Feel gutted I can’t enjoy the sunshine outside – it was a glorious day!


One more day at home to recuperate, felt a bit better (no fever) but swollen glands make it really difficult to talk and eat anything. 


Catching up on some ZZZZZZ while Max went to nursery for one extra day – I just didn’t have enough energy to look after him. Really needed those extra hours in bed! Loved seeing pretty blossoming trees and daffodils on the way to school – Spring seems to be on its way but there are some forecasts for snow for this weekend! Can it be true?


The snow did make an appearance after all! How very strange when only a few days ago we had glorious sunshine and +12 degree temperatures! I do like the cosy feeling snow exudes in all of us though – all you want to do on those sort of days is to snuggle up, don’t you? We had a party for one of our friends’ daughters so we had to go out but it was a fun afternoon with our friends. Leo was such a cutie playing with this buddy Lex who he hadn’t seen for a while and wrapping his arms around his neck. Max was his usual cheeky self – he loved the company of older children though! 


Another cosy-stay-at-home-no-plans kind of day. I seemed to have done lots but not much at the same time – do you know that weird feeling when the hours just seem to fly by but despite being busy you end up feeling like you haven’t done anything? I did manage to perfect a correct eye flick shape for my hooded eyelid which I’d struggled with for so long! Hahaha! It’s the little things, people! 🙂

Have a great week everyone! Stay positive and mindful!