Meal planner

Welcome to my weekly feature – meal planners.

Find out quick & easy weekday dinner recipe ideas from our weekly meal planner – be more organised, cut food waste & enjoy fresh and homemade meals!

Our meals last week were:

Monday – Chickpea curry with peshwari naan bread

Love, love, love this dish and I really can’t get enough of chickpeas. They’re just so yummy! You can get the recipe from my Meal Planner #2.

Tuesday – Spinach & feta cheese puff pastry tarts

A really simple dish which I found somewhere years ago but can’t remember where so I can’t credit anyone unfortunately – see recipe below.

Wednesday – Tuna steak with mini roast potatoes & quinoa salad

As it was Valentine’s Day, Hubby got a few bits from Waitrose and made a beautiful meal of mini roast potatoes, fresh quinoa salad and gorgeous tuna steaks. We don’t really believe in the whole Valentine’s Day hype but it was nice to have a proper sit down meal together which we don’t get to do often these days.

Thursday – Broccoli & feta cheese pasta

This is a recipe from Tesco Real Food – I really love how simple but yummy this dish is, and it’s perfect for busy parents as it takes 20 minutes to whip up!

Friday: Falafel wraps with tomatoes, cucumber & guacamole  

Simple food but very filling actually. We love dishing everything out into small plates and then just sitting down on the floor in the living room (because we don’t have a coffee table!) to assemble the wraps. 

Saturday: Leftovers

Hubby had spaghetti with lamb meatballs leftover from the boys’ lunch and I finished off leftover falafel & guacamole so it didn’t go to waste

Sunday: Tuna pesto pasta with spinach & tomatoes

I love this dish which the Hubby just sort of invented ages ago on one of those days when we were stuck for meal ideas and he simply whipped up a dish made of things we had in the house. 

Overall thoughts:

Once again, I think we did well putting together quick but yummy made-from-scratch meals. There’s always veggies in whatever we cook as well as protein so I think all our meals are quite nutritious. I was particularly pleased with myself last week as I managed to use up all of the feta cheese by planning two meals which included feta cheese – normally I’d use up a quarter of it for one meal and then it would go off within a couple of days (why does it go off so quickly?).

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]

Do you also plan your meals in advance? Let me know what you think of our meals last week in the comments below. Feel free to share yours as well – we’d love to try out new dishes.