gratitude journal

Welcome to my weekly gratitude journal where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

Last week I went back to work after a week off but then came down with tonsillitis so it’s been quite a tough couple of weeks, but I’m regaining strength each day and hopefully this is the end of feeling poorly.  

This is what made me happy last week:

  • Leo’s emotional intelligence and maturity – when we were reading David Walliams’ book Mr Stink which features a young girl making friends with a homeless older man, I told him about how I often see homeless people on my way to work and we had a such a grown up chat about it. It was a really precious moment to see him be so emotionally mature. 
  • Max’s cuddles – he gives just the best cuddles, wrapping his little arms around your neck. He recently started cuddling up to Leo too, which I always respond to with an ‘awwwww’ so now every time I say it, even when they’re not cuddling, he immediately picks it up as a cue to cuddle. It’s such a cute sight!
  • Cake – my apple and cinnamon cake which I can whip up in half an hour – it’s so yummy! I should post a recipe here soon!
  • And a chocolate-flavoured protein powder from a new brand I’ve discovered, Vega – it’s absolute gorgeousness! I’ve used it in a simple shake, added it to smoothies and even in a microwave mug cake (a healthy one!).
  • Seeing the boys’ happy faces and running to hug their Daddy when he comes home. I love it the strong bond they have with him.
  • Having the Hubby at home earlier than usual on one evening during the week when I was off work and poorly, and putting the children to bed and cooking together. I know we do it on the weekend but it just felt so different during the week. It made me realise how rushed our lives are during the week and a simple thing like that made me really happy. 

Have a great week everyone! Stay positive and mindful!