Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol

Welcome to my interview series, “A greener way of life”, in which I talk to fellow green lifestyle & beauty bloggers to find out more about how, on a day-to-day basis, they manage to lead a green lifestyle. From making more ethical shopping choices, ditching plastic, to growing their own veg, these uber-conscious bloggers can teach all of us a thing or two about making a positive contribution not only to our planet but also to those around us. They say that ‘grass is greener on the other side’ and in the case of these lifestyle bloggers, it probably is 🙂

A greener way of life

In this interview, I’m delighted to talk to the gorgeous blogger and vlogger, Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol. I love watching her videos and I think she’s super funny too!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

Hellooo! I’m Sasha, a beauty therapist from Bristol. I decided to “go green” when I was introduced to the amazing skincare brand Ila through work. I couldn’t believe the results you could get through purely natural ingredients! After having my first baby, I decided to go self employed, and started offering beauty and holistic therapies using totally cruelty free, vegan products that are as natural and ethical as you can get, (some things are trickier to find green versions of but I’m constantly working on it!!) Through my business, my blog Balanced Beauty Bristol and YouTube channel were born, where I review and talk about all things vegan, natural, cruelty free and environmentally friendly in the beauty world. I also throw in a teeny bit of mental health chat too – although this is mainly on my YouTube channel – as I these things are seriously important to keep talking about.

Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol

What does a ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ lifestyle mean to you?

Really for me it’s about doing what you can. If you can turn your life upside down and go completely zero waste – AMAZING! If you hand make all your beauty and cleaning products, and grow all of your own organic veg – that is INCREDIBLE! If all you can do is put your waste in the correct recycling bins – that’s brilliant too! Although we need to make BIG changes as a society to help our planet, habits can be hard to break, not forgetting expensive in some cases. I’m a firm believer in learning as much as possible, and making the changes you can, however big or small, to lead a greener, more sustainable life. 

I made the mistake of starting out all guns blazing, trying to be zero waste, trying to do EVERYTHING I COULD. And I quickly burnt out, and found myself back at square one. Now I’m making small changes one by one, that will stick. And that’s the important bit really. It has to be something you can keep up, it has to be sustainable for you, otherwise why bother?

Why is it important to you?

I want to do my part to look after our beautiful planet, and I want to pass this idea onto my children.

What everyday actions do you currently take to help you achieve that sort of lifestyle?

As a family, we are very careful with our water and electricity. Only using what is necessary. We do not buy meat (although my partner is a meat eater and does bring some home very occasionally). I am very aware about packaging – and refuse or reuse when I can, and then obviously recycle what’s left. We buy second hand whenever possible, and also try to sell on our things, or give to charity shops. We use a lot of reusables – washable cotton rounds instead of cotton pads, flannels instead of wet wipes, I use a mooncup rather than disposable sanitary items. This year we’ve really tried to think of lots of ways we can change things (I even wrote a little blog post on it – My pledge to live, work + blog more ethically

What other green initiatives would you like to implement in your household?

We need to sort out our takeaway habits!! We have a tiffin now, so that can be filled at our local indian…. And maybe we need to start batch making pizza bases and freezing them to make things easy. (Nothing quite like having some dude deliver you hot food to your door though is there? haha!!) 

We do buy a lot of Oatly (honestly sometimes I think we basically buy almost all of the Oatly in our local shop….) This NEEDS to change. I’m thinking about just whizzing up some of our own oat milk at home – but as it’s for our children I do worry about not having the added vitamins etc – one to think about!

How do you teach your children about looking after the environment or leading a greener kind of lifestyle?

My children are only 1 and 3 years old, so it’s still early days to be honest. I do think they learn through doing so I get them involved in the recycling and we talk about what we are doing. They help out in the garden (I use the word “help” VERY loosely), and we watch the veggies grow! We do have a few books as well.

What 5 top tips would you give to someone who wants to lead a more conscious, greener and zero-waste lifestyle?

  1. Make changes that are actually doable – sustainable. 
  3. Meal plan to prevent food waste.
  4. Get the whole family onboard so you can help each other out.
  5. Read books, check out articles, watch documentaries, go to talks and events (make sure they are all credible sources!!) Never stop learning. 

How would you define your natural skincare/ beauty routine?

Simple! I do the old “cleanse, tone, moisturise” routine. Twice a day. When applying my moisturiser or facial oil) I always do a little facial massage, which in the mornings includes guasha (see my video on how to do this!)  

I am a bit in love with my facial oils . I’ve found that using the right oil has totally balanced out my super oily skin. And as an aromatherapist I am just a little essential oil obsessed…. frankincense is just amazing. Any oil with frankincense in and you’ve got me interested. 

Who do you look up for advice?

I love reading SO many blogs, but to be honest I find that the only person who knows your skin is you – so it’s all about figuring it out yourself. 

What are your 3 natural skincare/ beauty must-haves?

Well I guess I’m going to have to say OILS, then my Boucleme curl cream, and then baths salts…. oh no maybe clays…. no bath salts… no wait clays. Can I say four things? 😉

Apart from her blog and YouTube channel, you can also find Sasha on social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks Sasha for sharing your tips. And what are YOUR tips for leading a greener kind of lifestyle?

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