Happy Days #26

Welcome to my weekly gratitude list where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

After nearly a two-month break from posting my weekly gratitude lists, I’m back to writing them again as I’ve felt a real sense of sadness not having something to look back on and remind me of our family’s lovely memories and simple everyday joys. I went back to work on 12 June and it’s been one hell of a ride since then, trying to find a routine that wasn’t exhausting on me, the hubby and most importantly on the boys! First days were mentally and physically draining as I picked up Leo from the after school club just before 6pm and then dashed to pick up Max (luckily, his nursery is right next door to Leo’s school!) but they are so tired after a whole day so it’s all about rushing home and putting them to sleep. At the beginning, as June was so gloriously warm, we would walk back home but it’s a good 20-minute walk (including a stretch up a hill) and Leo was really struggling, even on his scooter, and Max was getting really ratty! So we went back to driving back home but this has its own challenges as there’s nowhere to park outside the school/ nursery so my commute back home needs to incorporate time to get back home to pick up the car and most importantly, timing the train times accurately to make sure I don’t miss my connecting train as that would mean a 20-minute wait for the nex train and ultimately being late to the pick up the boys! Writing this alone is making me exhausted and anxious! So for the past two months I’ve really neglected this blog as I’ve felt so fatigued and, quite frankly, slightly unmotivated to write about anything. BUT I’m slowly getting my energy back and feeling more inspired to continue with my blog as I love it so much!

So from now on, I’m going to do a shorter version of my usually lengthy gratitude lists (let’s see how that goes!) to help me fit in the writing and make sure I stick to weekly posting.

Happy Days #26

So this week, I’m grateful for:

  • Feeling more inspired about the blog and making changes to what and how I write about things, including utilising the time on my commute to work.
  • Being invited by one of my favourite natural skincare brands, Weleda to the Valley Fest 2017 festival – we had a brilliant time so please check out my post about it.
  • Camping (or rather glamping) at the Valley Fest – surprisingly, we all had a long lie-in until about 7am!
  • Getting a facial by Weleda at the festival – I haven’t felt pampered like that for a long, long time!
  • The Hubby understanding my anxieties about returning to work, feeling exhausted and generally ‘getting me’ and letting me vent at times (i.e. a lot)! He has the patience of a saint and even though we sometimes fight like a cat and a dog, I’m grateful I’ve found someone I can be myself with and he won’t judge me. Plus, he’s been amazing helping out with ironing, preparing Leo’s after school snack box, etc. etc. Just a big mwah has to go to him!
  • Booking tickets to Germany for me and Leo to see my brother during October half term – we’ll get to see him play a basketball match with his new team so we’re very excited!
  • Not having to work on Fridays – I’m lucky enough that my workplace allows me to work flexibly and do condensed full-time hours over a four-day week so while Fridays are normally crazy busy at home, I still cherish the fact I don’t have to commute.
  • Max starting to walk more and more! He took a few ‘single’ steps a good few weeks ago but this week, he’s really been walking a lot! Now the real hard work begins! (especially this week as we’re about to go on holiday! How fun!)
  • Packing for our 10-day holiday to Portugal next week – OK, I can’t stand the packing business (it makes me have a mental meltdown every time I have to do it) but packing for hot weather is just bliss! The forecast is for 30+ degrees every single day – yeah baby!
  • Leo looking out for his baby brother and being so caring with him! Seeing them together at the festival was so heart-warming!
  • Seeing my local Mummy friends who I met during the maternity leave – we had a lovely time during one of our bubbas’ first birthday (already?!) and the weather was so kind to us on Friday after the Wednesday wash out!
  • Going swimming – I signed up about 2-3 months ago and since I can only go in the evenings during the week or on the weekend, I haven’t gone too regularly as kept coming up with excuses not to go. But this week I went twice and I loved the feeling afterwards. Must keep it up after we get back from holiday!
  • Sitting outside in the garden, soaking up the sunshine while writing this list! Life is pretty good!

Happy Days #26


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