Do you want to find out what natural skincare products made my favourites list this month? Then read on – I hope you find something for yourself šŸ™‚

June 2017 Natural Skincare Favourites

1. Earth Conscious natural cream deodorant

One of the very first skincare products that I switched for a natural alternative was a deodorant. I’ve previously written about another brand of cream deodorants but when it finished, I really wanted to try others. After a few failed attempts with natural deodorant roll-ons, I finally placed an order for a cream deodorant from a UK-based brand I’ve heard really great things about – Earth Conscious. I ordered not one but three deodorants: lavender, citrus & spice. I started testing with the lavender one & it has truly stood the test of time during the hottest days of June which it gets top marks for! The Hubby is currently testing the spice one & he’s actually quite impressed with what is his first ever natural cream deodorant, as he’s been really reluctant to ditch his conventional anti-perspirant spray. Earth Conscious deodorants come in a 60g tub and they have a fairly soft (but not too soft) consistency which is super easy to remove out of the tub & apply on your underarms. If I had to find something to pick on, it would be that the deodorants could have a slightly stronger aroma – otherwise, I’m super pleased with this deodorant. Buy from Earth Conscious.

2. Inika Certified Organic Liquid Foundation* (vegan)

Buying foundation online is not an easy task and I’ve spent way too much money going for the wrong shade before. This wasn’t the case with this amazing Inika liquid foundation. It comes in six shades and quite hesitantly I opted for ‘Cream’, based on shade descriptions, but in fact it turned out to suit my fairly pale skin perfectly. I’m building up a tan at the moment but I actually always opt for foundation that’s slightly lighter than the rest of my body so this colour is just right. Inika products are certified organic which makes them one of few organic make-up brands. I really like how well this foundation blends into my skin (I apply it directly onto my facial oil – currently this is the homemade ultra-silky facial oil or the Ooh! Cacay oil mentioned below) and it just glides, leaving the skin looking dewy and fresh. Buy from LoveLula.

3. Ooh! – Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Ageing Face Oil* (vegan)

When I was offered a chance to test one of the Ooh! oils, I jumped at the opportunity as they’re one of my favourite natural brands. I simply love facial oils and I already have a few from the Ooh! range (baobab, argan and marula). This time I really wanted to try the acclaimed cacay oil which is said to have anti-ageing properties. I think I’d be naive to expect a miracle from a skincare product to suddenly shave off the years when in fact the culprit reason for my tired face is lack of sleep & stressful lifestyle with full time work & two young children. However, I have noticed some reduction in two vertical wrinkles that I’m beginning to develop on my forehead in between my eyebrows. I also like the fact that this is a very lightweight oil so it’s perfect for the summer months. This oil works really well as a daily moisturiser or overnight serum (which you can add some essential oils to) and is well tolerated by my sensitive skin. You only need around five drops per application so it’s very economical too. Buy from LoveLula.

4. Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel*

Now I have to admit that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my pale skin which is why I long for warm summer days when I can top up my tan & enjoy that sun-kissed look. However the reality with two kids (and let’s face it – with the weather in the UK too!) is that it’s rather tricky to achieve a nice tan. Over the years, I had tried many self tanning products (and even used sun beds in the past too – tut tut!) but since I’m older & wiser now, choosing a product that’s safe for my skin is super important to me these days. I’ve recently been testing two natural self tanning lotions & I absolutely love this one by Trilogy. It has a fairly thick consistency which makes it easy to apply on your skin, unlike other products which are either too runny and just drip down your skin and aren’t economical in the long run or on the other hand soak up too quickly into your skin making application difficult. It gives a very subtle warm caramel tone and also has a great formula as it contains aloe vera and Vitamin E, leaving your skin looking slightly shimmery. It dries really quickly so it could be used on the day of a wedding, a night out or any other occasion when you need a quick self-tan fix. Most importantly though, this cream doesn’t have that typical self-tan smell which my hubby would always pick up on whenever I used to apply other creams before going to bed. So if you’re looking for a more natural alternative to your usual self-tan product, I couldn’t recommend Trilogy’s cream enough. I’ve already had a few compliments at work even though I’ve been very conservative with the application as I didn’t want to appear too brown too quickly. Buy from LoveLula.Ā 

5.Ā Organic Colour Care – Conscience Clear Tan Eco mitt*

After many failed attempts to spread self-tan products evenly by just using my hands, I now swear by using a mitt and I really like this one by Organic Colour Care. It has a soft velvety material and I find it works really well, together with the Trilogy gel mentioned above, to spread the product evenly without leaving any of those awful streaks all over your body. Mitts are also great for protecting your palms from staining which is a big tell tale sign you’ve been using self tan. Buy from LoveLula.

6. Organii Sun Milk SPF20 + FREE 50ml aftersun cream* (vegan)

I really need to write a separate post on natural sunscreen as there’s so much misconception about what makes a safe suncream, especially when choosing sun protection for children. In a nutshell though, you need to choose products with mineral UV filters rather than synthetic ones. The two mineral filters that protect the skin from UV rays are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, and this product has both of them. The main difference between mineral and synthetic sunscreens is that mineral ones work by providing a protective ‘shield’ and reflecting the sun’s rays, whereas synthetic sunscreens absorb the the rays converting it into heat. Apart from being free from synthetic filters, this sun milk contains skin-hydrating plant-based oils, such as olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. In terms of application, it’s a little bit runnier than I’d like sunscreen to be but we’ve actually found it much easier to apply on both our boys. Other zinc-oxide sunscreens are usually really thick and extremely hard to rub in (the higher the SPF, the thicker the cream with zinc oxide is), especially on impatient and wriggly little children, and also leave a white pasty-looking film on the skin. This milk, on the other hand, has a light consistency and is easy to apply, and only leaves a very faint white residue. As far as the SPF is concerned, some may think it’s quite low but I’m of an opinion that we need some sun exposure (and I don’t expose my kids to sun during 11am-3pm where possible) and that’s why I rarely use SPF over 30. This cream also comes with a free 50ml aftersun cream which is a great little product in itself. Buy from LoveLula.

7. Dr Hauschka concealer* (vegan)

I’m still in the process of switching my make-up products for more natural alternatives and I recently ran out of under-eye concealer to cover my dark circles, which prompted to test some concealers from LoveLula. I opted for this particular one due to its formula which contains carrot root extract, avocado oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and calendula flower extract. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked this concealer or not, as it seemed a bit too dark for me however over the past couple of weeks, as my skin caught some sun (with a little help of the Trilogy bronzing gel of course!), the concealer works much better for my skin tone. It has a very lightweight consistency and spreads really well, not leaving any residue in between the wrinkles under my eyes. Its only flaw for me is its very light coverage but because I’m only using it for dark under-eye circles, I don’t mind it as it gives me just enough coverage without looking all ‘caked up’. I also find it a bit therapeutic to smell it which may sound odd but I think it must be the gentle calendula smell. Buy from LoveLula.


June 2017 Natural Skincare Favourites

Disclaimer:Ā Items marked with an asterisk were chosen by me to test as part of my involvement in theĀ LoveLula Accredited Bloggers Program. Nevertheless, all views expressed in this post are 100% mine and honest. This post also contains some affiliate links.