Last week I was so unbelievably disorganised as it was Max’s settling in week at his new nursery so I’ve left this list until last minute and then even on Friday last week I just ran out of time. I really don’t want to miss recording these gratitude lists so here’s a very short one for this week.

This is what made me happy last week:

~ Swimming ~

I’ve finally signed up for swimming at our local leisure centre and I really enjoyed going for my first fitness swim. I hadn’t exercised for such a long time so my arms and legs ached  A LOT but I’m determined to carry on. I really need lose a few more pounds as I put on weight after I stopped breastfeeding and tone up as my body has really changed shape after this pregnancy. I love being in the water and swimming brings me so much joy so this is a perfect exercise for me – I just need to find the time to go!

~ Garden plants ~

After months of neglecting my plants (and unfortunately some of them getting killed off as a matter of fact!), I’ve finally sorted out our garden to make it look a bit more ‘homely’ and I’m really happy with some of our new plants. I’m really loving the lavender and hydrangeas. I don’t know about you but I love staring at beautiful plants and their flowers.

~ Max’s settling in ~

So as I said, it was Max’s settling in week at the nursery and despite tears and tantrums, and even point blank refusals to eat or nap on his part, he actually did so well and I’m not feeling so stressed to going back to work. OK, who am I kidding – of course I’m stressed out! But knowing he’s in safe hands and enjoying his time there is such a big burden off my chest!

~ A beautiful double rainbow ~

Leo’s room faces a window so one evening when we were reading books at bedtime, Leo got overly excited and jumped out of the bed to look outside the window. And there it was – this beautiful double rainbow! You can’t see it properly in this picture as the other rainbow was so faint. Nevertheless, it was so lovely to look at it and as Leo didn’t know how rainbows were formed, we had a little look into his encyclopaedia books to find to.

~ A meal out with my French friend Soph ~

Last Friday, I had a rare night out with a friend of mine and we had such a great catch up and such a big giggle! The funniest moment was when she tried to tell a story about her fancy pond fish being attacked by an heron – although pronounced “air-on” in her gorgeously sexy French accent which I found so amusing! Oh, and the food was to die for!

So that’s it for this week. I’m back to work next time so goodness knows how I’ll find any time to write these lists! Au revoir everyone!

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