Welcome to my #WonderMamaTribe interview series aimed to celebrate motherhood and all the WONDERful and inspiring Mums out there, working so hard to make sure their little ones are well, loved and appreciated. Which is why every week, I’m bringing you one amazing Mum, her life story and her experiences of being a Mum.

This week, I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about the lovely Sian from The Mama Story blog. Sian really hit the nail on the head when talking about challenges that modern Mums face – I couldn’t agree more! I can’t help but wonder – can we ever ‘have it all’ and, dare I say it, has the whole emancipation movement been worth it? Don’t get me wrong – women have come a long way to be where we are but don’t you think we’re under more pressure than before? Anyhow… hope you enjoy reading and if you agree or disagree – leave a comment below, this is your place to share your thoughts. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your children/ family.

I’m Sian, married to Andy and we have two young daughters aged 5 and 3. We live on the edge of north London, in a suburb of Enfield, though I’m originally from Manchester. I worked for 15 years in corporate marketing but I took a career break when my youngest daughter was born. I blog at The Mama Story, mainly about days out and adventures with a bit of craft and parenting thrown in.

2. What female role models did you have as a young girl and woman?

I’ve always looked up to women who have done their own thing – followed a passion, persevered and stuck true to their beliefs. Someone like Anita Roddick springs to mind.

3. What females do you currently look up to, inspire you and seek advice from?

Similar sorts of women, I’m always inspired by those living creative lives and raising kids in fun households. I follow lots of bloggers who have those sort of lifestyle. I seek advice in a manner of different places – real life friends or virtual parenting communities for parenting advice or old work contacts or online courses for career/ blogging help. 

4. How would you describe yourself as a Mum? What sort of a parent are you?

I like to get out and about, be creative and get messy in the garden and, fortunately, my kids seem to like those things too! I’m not particularly well organised and am always running late, which I’m trying to curb.

5. What and who has influenced the kind of a Mum that you are now?

Such a variety of things, like my own childhood and seeing the way my friends parent and being inspired by them. Also, looking at the wider picture such as the environment and social issues, and wanting to try to raise children who respect the world around them.

6. What’s your favourite part of being a Mum?

Watching my children learn and discover new things and seeing them so excited by it all, or helping them overcome obstacles when they can’t do something at first. I really love it when I introduce them to a place or activity or book that I love and they as interested in it as I am (which isn’t always the case).

7. And what is the hardest part?

The day-to-day routine is mind-numbing sometimes. I can constantly feel like I’m nagging – make your bed, flush the toilet, tidy your toys away, find your shoes etc etc. Also, the worries about the pressures of school expectations, exams, friend-stress, social media, body image and the like, as they get older.

8. Do you think it’s hard being a Mum in this day and age?

In some ways it seems harder, most mums juggle parenting and careers in a way that previous generations didn’t and there is a certain expectation that you should parent like you don’t have a career, yet work like you don’t have children. That is a lot of pressure! That said, parenting is more an more teamwork between mother and father without the stereotypical roles which existed in the past which is wonderful. And there is now a whole virtual community around parenting through forums, blogs, and online help and support, regardless of the issue or time of day. It’s also more acceptable to talk about experiences, such as fertility problems, birth stories and post-natal depression which is a great help to new parents.

9. What three pieces of advice would you give to first-time/ expectant Mums?

It can be so daunting when you bring your baby home for the first time. It’s so easy to feel isolated or that you have no idea what you are doing or that there is a giant mismatch between your expectations and the reality of parenting. My advice is to be very kind to yourself, accept all offers of help no matter how small and – when you’re ready, there is no rush – get out to local baby groups. You’ll probably need to try a few different groups to find those that work for you and where there is some nice, like-minded mums to meet!

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