Welcome to my #WonderMamaTribe interview series aimed to celebrate motherhood and all the WONDERful and inspiring Mums out there, working so hard to make sure their little ones are well, loved and appreciated. Which is why every week, I’m bringing you one amazing Mum, her life story and her experiences of being a Mum.

This week, I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about the lovely Rebecca from the Rock and Roses Mama blog. What I absolutely love about Rebecca is that she’s such a great advocate for Mums who want to give all they can to their children and family, but at the same time believe in retaining a sense of self. I personally think it’s not about trying to ‘have it all’ (because that can be really damaging to our physical and mental health) but rather to acknowledge that sometimes it’s ok to put yourself first. We all have bad days so it’s better to get some breathing space rather than break down while trying to achieve the unachievable! It’s such a cliche but happy Mummy does really equal happy children, don’t you think?

Rebecca from Rock and Roses Mama

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your children/ family. 

I am a 28 year old Mama that hails from the sunshiny coast, Hampshire town of Gosport with my husband and 2 year old son Jude. I work part time in retail management alongside running my Parenting & Lifestyle blog Rock and Roses Mama. It’s a blog aimed at supporting, inspiring and empowering Mamas to Mama it up without losing themselves in the process. To rock up their rosy Mama lifestyles and retain a sense of self. 

2. What female role models did you have as a young girl and woman?

Oh, there were many actually! My own Mama… obviously! A very strong and intelligent woman that follows her dreams and passions. Then there were the Kates: Kate Moss and Kate Bush. I loved them both!

3. What females do you currently look up to, inspire you and seek advice from?

I look up to fellow Mama bloggers that are up there making the big bucks, and I always seek the advice from my Mama, but apart from that I don’t really look up to anyone other than what I am striving to be… if that makes sense?! 

4. How would you describe yourself as a Mum? What sort of a parent are you?

I would LOVE to be able to confidently say I am super chilled and immaculate and suave but I tend to appear that way a lot of the time whole silently stressing and bubbling over inside! Like a swan: gliding on through on the surface but flapping madly underneath the surface. 

5. What and who has influenced the kind of a Mum that you are now?

The blogosphere… definitely! And also something one of my friends said to me when I was in a life with baby class (the reason I started my blog actually!). She said that she was ready to give all of herself to her daughter and that she had left herself in the past… her social life and who she was wasn’t important any more now that she had a child. I disagreed entirely! 

6. What’s your favourite part of being a Mum?

The joy of being able to support and encourage other Mamas! Being part of a whole new world and network! Also… the cuddles! Little man is super adorable and affectionate, bless him… I LOVE it!  

7. And what is the hardest part?

The Mom Guilt. For sure! 

8. Do you think it’s hard being a Mum in this day and age?

Definitely. I mean technology is certainly a really helpful source of support and empowerment… but there is so so much pressure and judgement! 

9. What three pieces of advice would you give to first-time/ expectant Mums?

They don’t warn you about the impact on YOU, so:

  • Avoid the inevitable loneliness by networking with other Mums… reach out!
  • Never EVER stop doing what YOU are passionate about. Find a way… retain a sense of self always!
  • Do things YOUR way… there is so much right and wrong, and judgement with parenting these days… just be you and do what’s right for you and your family!

Along with her blog, you can also find Rebecca on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Let’s all support and inspire each other, Wonder Mamas! xx

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