Welcome to my #WonderMamaTribe interview series aimed to celebrate motherhood and all the WONDERful and inspiring Mums out there, working so hard to make sure their little ones are well, loved and appreciated. Which is why every week, I’m bringing you one amazing Mum, her life story and her experiences of being a Mum.

This week, I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about the lovely Kelly-Anne from the Mimi Rose and Me blog. Kelly-Anne really made me think about how much of an influence our own Mums are on the way we live our life and how we parent. “Well, obviously” – I hear you say but I think we don’t always realise that or appreciate it. Some of us may not always see eye to eye with our Mums but at the end of the day, they have shaped who we are today and we’ve turned out ok, right? So call your Mum today and tell her how much she means to you 🙂

I hope you enjoy finding out about Kelly-Anne too!

WMT interview - Kelly-Anne

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your children/ family.

Hi, my name is Kelly-Anne, I’m a 28 year old mother to one, the cheeky two-year-old Amelia. I am also a wife to my lovely Tony and we have set up our forever home in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. I first launched Mimi Rose & Me as a way to keep my brain from turning to complete mush whilst on maternity leave. My blog is a UK family, beauty and lifestyle blog where I write about my life with my beautiful family who are always following the fun, living life inspired. Becoming a mother has changed my life and along with the blog, my life is more fulfilling than I ever imagined. I hope to continue this new love for blogging whilst being the best wife and mother I can be.

2. What female role models did you have as a young girl and woman?

This question got me thinking about all the role models I could think back to as a 90s child. There were so many positive roles models and positive movements, like the whole girl power thing and the Spice Girls. They had to be the ultimate role models for any 90s girls. A fictional character would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. While Cinderella cooks and cleans, and Ariel longs to give up her fishy feet to be with her love, Belle is busy at the library with her nose in a book. Belle was independent, compassionate, clever and she always kind. But her best quality of all was showing that she was a courageous and determined young female, who didn’t need a man. Well, until she fell in love with the beast.

No one can do it like Beyoncé. This woman who can do it all and run the world, Beyoncé really is one of the best role models a young woman could have. She’s driven, talented, intelligent, focused, and someone who keeps on pushing herself harder. She’s also managing to juggle the pressures of being a mother and wife, and has had a decade-long string of successful solo hits and albums.

3. What females do you currently look up to, inspire you and seek advice from?

My mum, without a doubt. My mum has always been encouraging and has always told me to chase my dreams, no matter how big or small. Being a mother myself was not something I had envisioned due to fertility problems but my mum would always know what to say and told me to always have hope. That is something I have been trying to instil in my own daughter, after what seemed like forever we were blessed with her and I will always be grateful for her. My mum is my rock, she’s supportive and always encouraging.

4. How would you describe yourself as a Mum? What sort of a parent are you?

Hmmm, this one is a little harder than I thought. I would like to think of myself as a good mother, maybe a helicopter mother. I’m a person that has completely changed their outlook in life since becoming a mother. Being a mother had to be the hardest, yet most rewarding job known to man. My parents are always telling me that they are so proud of me as a mother and that my daughter is living proof of this.

5. What and who has influenced the kind of a Mum that you are now?

This may seem as if these answers are all dedicated to my mum, but seriously she has definitely influenced the kind of mum I am. I am always willing to take her advice and learn from her mistakes, I’m sure I will make some of my own without a doubt. But I know she will be there to steer me in the right direction.

6. What’s your favourite part of being a Mum?

For me, the favourite part of being a mother is seeing their happiness when they finally accomplish something. For us, it’s potty training at the moment and seeing how happy it makes her when she does use the potty. I will happily clap like a seal with her. 

7. And what is the hardest part?

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say seeing them in pain or upset is the hardest. I absolutely hate telling my daughter off, more than anything. I always feel so guilty. The first time was awful. My daughter was becoming frustrated because she couldn’t do something and during her frustration she bit my arm.  I was so upset that she got so frustrated that she felt the need to do that, but being a mother we have to let them know that it’s not OK. So she received a big telling off and had a tantrum for over 20 minutes.

8. Do you think it’s hard being a Mum in this day and age?

Oh yes, because we are always being shamed or judged for decisions we make as parents. I’m not just talking about us but also in schools, by health care professional and even the government. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and one not for the faint-hearted that for sure. It’s these organisations that are placing an extra pressure on parents, I’m not suggesting that it’s all bad but when help is asked, they should act upon it. Oooh that answer was a bit ranty!

9. What three pieces of advice would you give to first-time/ expectant Mums?

  • Sleep when you can, the laundry can always wait!
  • Download a white noise app, it will be your saviour, trust me.
  • There’s always time for tea and cake.

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