Homemade argan eye serum

Here’s another recipe for you to try at home. Incredibly easy, it contains only four ingredients and takes about ten minutes to make!

Before we move onto the recipe, as always, here’s a bit of key information on each ingredient:

Argan oil

Well-known for its anti-ageing properties. It contains vitamins A and E, natural anti-oxidant. Despite being very rich, argan oil is easily absorbed.  

Borage oil

Also known as the starflower, borage oil is used for its moisturising properties and its ability to heal dry and damaged skin. Borage oil contains many essential fatty acids and is believed to be the only plant that has the highest source of gamma linoleic acid (GLA) which our bodies need to modulate the body’s hormonal and circulatory systems.  

Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is very rich in essential fatty acids and is often used in formulations for mature and sensitive skin and hair formulations.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is used in many products, mainly anti-wrinkle products. Homemade argan eye serum

Argan eye serum

What you need:



  • small glass mixing bowl/ beaker
  • glass mixing rod/ metal spoon
  • 20ml pipette bottle
  • metal measuring spoons


  1. Add the oils one at a time into the bowl/ beaker.
  2. Mix the oils thoroughly until blended.
  3. Transfer the mixture into your dropper bottle.
  4. Application – you only need one drop of this oil. Simply use your ring finger to gently tap the oil onto the area under your eye where it meets the cheek (you’ll feel the bone) as well as above your eye, just under the eyebrow arch. Be careful not to apply the oil any closer to the eye.


Homemade argan eye serum

Recipe inspiration credit: Karen Gilbert ‘Natural Beauty’

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