Welcome to my #WonderMamaTribe interview series aimed to celebrate motherhood and all the WONDERful and inspiring Mums out there, working so hard to make sure their little ones are well, loved and appreciated. Which is why every week, I’m bringing you one amazing Mum, her life story and her experiences of being a Mum.

This week, I’m talking to the gorgeous Lucy from the Muffin Top Mummy blog. Lucy is a first time Mum which many of us find very challenging but I really like that Lucy is embracing it all and enjoying every single minute of motherhood. I hope you enjoy finding out more about Lucy too.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your children/ family. 

Hi, I’m Lucy and I live in Warwick with my husband and our 4 month old baby girl. I blog at Muffin Top Mummy which is a (hopefully) amusing blog about the enjoyment of being a new mother and the misery of having love-handles. 

2. What female role models did you have as a young girl and woman?

I know a lot of people would say their mothers, but although I love mine dearly, we don’t always see eye to eye. Instead, I would look to celebrities like Angelina Jolie as role models (hence some bad tattoo choices!). I’d like this to be different for my daughter – I want to be her role model from the get go.

3. What females do you currently look up to, inspire you and seek advice from?

Nowadays I do still tend to be influenced by powerful females in the spotlight like Emma Watson and good old Angie. I am also accepting that my mother does have her wise moments and so have found her advice as a parent invaluable. 

4. How would you describe yourself as a Mum? What sort of a parent are you?

I’m still a new mother, but I know how I’d like the relationship with my daughter to be. I want us to be close – for her to never feel worried about opening up to me. My aim in life is to support her in all that she wants to achieve and to be the parent that always has their children’s backs.

5. What and who has influenced the kind of a Mum that you are now?

My own mother is probably the main influence, since I’ve always vowed to have more patience than she did. We don’t have the close mother-daughter bond that I would like and so I want this to be different with my little girl.

6. What’s your favourite part of being a Mum?

Oh, I am loving everything at the minute! I have my own little beauty who gives me the biggest smiles whenever she sees me. Seeing that happy face and knowing I get to be the closest one to her for the rest of my life (yeah, she’s not getting married – she’ll just be a mummy’s girl forever!) just makes me feel complete.

7. And what is the hardest part?

Dealing with the sleep-deprivation whilst juggling baby, household and blog. People tell you it’s hard, but until you get there, you have no idea!

8. Do you think it’s hard being a Mum in this day and age?

I think everyone will tell you that the pressure is immense. What with social media and working expectations etc. However, I’m not one to bow to the pressure of what you ‘should’ be doing (unless it’s safety guidelines obvs) so I haven’t actually found it too challenging yet. Give me time though!

9. What three pieces of advice would you give to first-time/ expectant Mums?

  • Enjoy every second (as best you can) – you may find yourself longing for the magical 3 or 6 month mark, but it all goes so quickly. 
  • Listen to all the advice, then do it your own way. With so many ways to do things, the only way you need to worry about is your own.
  • Use maternity leave wisely. If there is something you want to do or learn, maternity leave is the perfect time to master it. Give yourself a few months obviously, but don’t be afraid to have a focus other than your baby. It’ll benefit you all in the long-run.

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Let’s all support and inspire each other, Wonder Mamas! xx

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