Hi everyone, hope you’re all well and ready for the long Bank Holiday weekend. So… last week I mentioned I was going for my final fourth wisdom tooth extraction and boy oh boy, it really wiped me out this week 🙁 I’m not one to moan and I have a rather high pain threshold but this pain has been out of this world! I honestly would rather give birth to another 9lb baby again than to suffer the agony I’ve been in over the past few days. The previous three extractions were so straightforward – literally took a few seconds to pull the teeth out but this last tooth was impacted so deep in my gum that the dentist had to remove it surgically by opening the gum and drilling the tooth top to be able to pull it out. It took nearly 30 minutes and the actual procedure didn’t hurt a thing due to the anaesthetic, but the last few days have really exhausted me so I haven’t been up for anything at all. 

But despite all the pain, I’ve tried to focus on the positives so this is what made me happy this week:

  • New blogging collaboration. Last week I mentioned I’d been contacted about a few blogging opportunities and this week I got a rather lovely surprise email from one of my favourite online shops selling natural and organic skincare – LoveLula, confirming my place on their Accredited Blogger Program. This means I’ll be able to bring you more reviews on natural skincare and beauty products which is amazing as it’s such a big passion of mine. I really want to focus more on products for babies/ kids and Mums so would love some feedback on what sort of products you’d like me to review for you. Please feel free to leave me comments below.   
  • Morning cuddles with Max. As I’ve been so unwell this week, The Hubby took Leo to school a couple of times which was such a big help as I didn’t have to worry about getting out of bed and instead I managed to have a couple of wonderful morning naps with Max. Every time when he woke up we had some lovely cuddles in bed which we don’t tend to get a chance to do, especially just the two of us as it’s all rush rush in the mornings and it’s always all four of us in bed.
  • Leo’s speaking Polish to me more and more. Leo’s been bilingual obviously all his life but he chooses to speak English to me most of the time even though I speak Polish to him. I say “chooses” because I know he can speak good Polish to my parents but for some reason he doesn’t switch with me. But after spending two weeks in Poland over Easter, I think his confidence must have increased because he’s been speaking more and more Polish to me which makes me super happy 🙂
  • More milestones. So literally within a few days Max moved from crawling ‘commando-style’ to being a proper crawler, finding his way everywhere within seconds! That boy will keep me busy, I tell ya – he’s super quick! He’s already trying to stand up as well so who knows, he might be an early walker. 
  • Catching up on TV dramas with the Hubby. After the Easter holidays, we had quite a few episodes of our favourite dramas (Line of Duty and Homeland) to catch up on. Normally, we don’t have that much time as both of us are busy in the evenings (me blogging and him launching his business) but this week I just didn’t have the energy to do any blogging and he had a few free evenings so we almost caught up on all the previous episodes. It was nice to be able to just sit down and focus on the plots rather than try and multitask and do other things while watching. 
  • New wall art. I had to return a few things to Next and quite randomly, I came across this beautiful framed print (below) which really caught my eye so I had to have it. It’s no longer available on the Next website but you can find it, along with more artwork, on the artist Sam Toft’s website – I’ve ordered two more prints actually. This one is already hanging on our hall wall and it’s making me so happy every time I walk down the stairs. 
Photo credit: Sam Toft

So that’s about it for this week. I hope you have a lovely long weekend and until next time 🙂

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