Hello dear friends! Hope you’re having a good Easter weekend together with your loved ones. We’re still here in Poland at my parents’ and the preparations are going full steam ahead for a family get together tomorrow as my Mum’s brother is coming over with his family so we’ve been baking and cooking.  

So what’s made me happy this week? 

  • Sunshine. Last Saturday I was getting very jealous as all my friends in the UK were posting photos on social media of them enjoying the sun and having barbecues whilst the weather over here was really cold, windy and gloomy. Luckily, the glorious sunshine made its way to us too and we enjoyed a lovely walk round my hometown and a local lake last Sunday, and then on Monday the boys enjoyed playing in my Mum’s garden. Look at these beautiful shots (if I may say so myself) – so picturesque, aren’t they?

  • Seeing my Grandma. I’m really close to my (maternal) Nan so I always enjoy catching up with her when I visit. When she came over last week, she saw Max for the first time since he was born (she’d seen him on Skype before but obviously that’s not the same). He was giggling and smiling as soon as he saw her which was so lovely and they just enjoyed lots of cuddles together. Leo, on the other hand, enjoyed making traditional Polish dumplings with her. 

  • Catching up with my bestie. On Tuesday, I had a great evening out with my best friend of 18 years – we enjoyed a spot of shopping and then dinner at this fab Italian place. We were trying to document this rare occasion of us meeting on our own without the kiddies by taking lots of selfies but we just couldn’t take one that we were both happy with so ended up crying with laughter at some of the funny ones. I really wish we could live closer together so we could enjoy more of those days out šŸ™
  • The Hubby joining us for Easter. I picked him up from the airport on Thursday afternoon but we hadn’t told Leo about his arrival to make it a surprise but funnily enough, when we turned up back at my parents’ house, Leo just looked at him in shock and said: “Why are you here, Daddy?” šŸ™‚ Leo was so surprised to see him and it took him a minute to finally jump up at Daddy and hug him. Now they’re inseparable and Leo is updating him on everything that’s happened and teaching Daddy some Polish – it’s adorable šŸ™‚
  • More sleep. I’m really milking the fact that I can have some naps and lie-ins over here. I stay up until past midnight to catch up on my blogging which isn’t good as Max keeps waking up once at night to be fed and then is bright as rain by 6am so I’ve really got used to taking a morning nap with him at 8am to help me overcome the sleep deprivation. I’m really going to struggle with the school runs next week, aren’t I? ā€¢starts worrying already*

I think this is pretty much it for this week. I really hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and catch ya all later next week for some more happy days! We’re now off to have our beautifully dyed and decorated Easter eggs (along with some samples of other Easter food) blessed in church which is a very traditional (and obviously religious) thing to do over here on Easter Saturday. I’ll make sure to add a few pics on my Instagram and for the next Happy Days post.

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