Happy Days #16 - Homecoming, sunset and lots of ZZZZZ

Hello dear friends! This week the boys and I are at my parents’ house in Poland as we’ve taken advantage of Leo’s two-week Easter break to go and spend some time with them. I haven’t visited since last April as I was pregnant with Max last year so it’s been a long time. My Mum spent some time with us after Max was born last August but my Dad wasn’t able to visit us so it was the first time he met little Maxi. 

So this is what made me happy this week:

  • One of my good friends having a little baby girl. I got an unexpected text from her last Sunday saying that she’d had her at 37 weeks so it was a huge shock but of course it made me really happy. I can’t wait to meet her for some newborn cuddles when I come back home !
  • Leo finally getting over his fear of swimming under water. We take Leo swimming every Saturday for his swimming classes and while he’s absolutely loving it, he’s always been a bit wary of immersing his head under water – ever since he was a baby actually. But last week, he surprised me completely as I was watching him from the viewing platform as he just immersed his whole body and head to swim underwater. I was so proud of him!
  • Surviving the flight on my own with the kids. As The Hubby couldn’t take two weeks of annual leave, I decided to go on my own and then for him to join us for the Easter weekend. I’m not going to lie that I wasn’t getting nervous about flying on my own but I knew I had to keep positive and plan all the logistics to make my journey as smooth as possible. Well, what a journey it was. Unlike what you may think, the boys were absolute angels and didn’t cause a minute of trouble. We did have a few dramas along the way though, mainly with the blinking luggage allowances, but I’m really pleased with myself as I kept calm and collected, and survived it all! 
  • Seeing my parents and Grandma. Well, obviously but I haven’t seen my Mum since September and my Dad and Grandma since April last year so I’d missed them lots. We speak on Skype a few times during the week but naturally, nothing replaces face to face contact. Leo was super excited about seeing them too and since we came, he’s been sleeping with them in their bed – bless him! 
  • Max and Leo being so close to their grandparents and great Grandma. It’s been so lovely to watch the boys interact with them, especially Max who just settled in here so well as if he’d been living here all his life and he simply adores my parents. The boys obviously don’t see their grandparents as often as we might have if we lived in the same country so it’s even more important to me to make sure they keep in touch as much as possible. 

  • Sunsets. I took Leo with me for a quick run around a local lake and we managed to watch a beautiful sunset which I luckily captured as I had my phone on me. 

  • Catching up on sleep. I don’t think I’ll EVER truly catch up on sleep but it’s been so lovely not to dash around with the school run and instead to take a few naps with Max cuddling up to him, as Leo happily played with my Mum.

I think that’s pretty much it for this week. I can’t believe how quickly the time’s gone by already and I really want to enjoy the next 10 days of our time here as it’ll be back to the crazy rush before we know it. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend too! xx 

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