Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly gratitude list! Well, what a week this has been with all the horrid stuff on the news – hope that you’re all safe and weren’t anywhere near the incident when it all took place. Despite all the craziness in the world, it’s so important not to lose sight that we all have a role to play in spreading love and kindness because you can’t fight hate with hate. So spread the love and be kind to one another!

So this is what made me happy this week:

  • Swimming. On Sunday, we all went for a family swimming session and we had such a blast. I love swimming and I think it’s such an important life skill so want both Leo and Max to be confident swimmers. They attend weekly classes but we also try to make an extra effort to go on weekends as often as possible. Max was born in a birthing pool so I think of him as my water baby anyway – he just loves being in the water!
  • Visiting Leo’s school. Every now and then, his school is inviting parents to come and join in some of their learning sessions. We’ve previously been to their phonics and maths sessions, and this week we had an opportunity to see what the kids do during their ‘choosing to learn’ time and watch them practice handwriting. I just really enjoy being able to attend these because if I wasn’t on maternity leave it wouldn’t be so easy for me to do so. 
  • New jackets. I’ve recently treated myself to three new jackets and I love them so much. I know, three is a little bit excessive but they were all bargains and I know they are all timeless pieces so will last me a good few years. One of them is a fab duck down jacket from Uniqlo which I ADORE! It’s extra light but super warm, and will be perfect for those cold spring mornings as well as for our Easter trip to Poland as I know the weather may still be a bit cold there. As it’s so light, it won’t take up too much space in my suitcase and you know what it’s like packing for yourself and two kids – every kilogram counts! The other two are from H&M and they’re a bomber and a biker jacket, and I just love both styles. 
  • Night out. On Thursday I went out with a few of my new Mummy friends and had a great time. It just felt so nice to make an effort to look nice by dressing up and putting a bit of make up. 
  • New weekly blog series – Wonder Mama. I’ve had this idea for starting a weekly blog series which celebrates motherhood and inspires Mums to support each other, and I’ve finally made the decision to launch it and I hope you all enjoy reading it. I’m launching it this Sunday, on Mother’s Day, so do watch this space. I’m also going to launch an Instagram community (using the hashtag #WonderMama) so if you’d like to nominate a Mum who you look up to or who inspires you, then please tag them in your Instagram photos and every week I’ll be selecting one Mum to be interviewed for my weekly blog series.
  • My 6-week ‘no refined sugar’ challenge. It’s been just over 3 weeks since I started and I’m still going strong, although I had a few days of weakness, really feeling like giving up – the temptation was just so strong. I haven’t given up though and every day I try to make some healthy substitutions for my usual cravings, snacking on things like medjool dates and nuts, to fight off those sugar cravings. I also make a healthy breakfast to give me a good head start – you can check out my recent blog post Chia pudding breakfast pots with homemade granola if you’re looking for breakfast inspiration.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and if you’re a Mummy – enjoy your special day tomorrow, and until next week! x

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