Welcome to my weekly summary of our little ordinary moments from last week.

‘Hungry boy’. This boy will leave us bankrupt eating the amount of food that he does 😀 I honestly have to bring a picnic bag with plenty of food for him to eat on the way home from school. He knows that first he needs to eat the fruit and other healthy stuff I bring him before he can have a little sweet treat, and I seem to have programmed him so well that the other day he gave one of his friends who was having a chocolate bar a lesson about eating healthy snacks rather than chocolate. Little bossy pants!

‘Bath time fun’. Maxi has always loved his baths (it must be because he was born in a birthing pool) and now that he’s a bit older, I’ve started bathing him and Leo together. It’s so much fun to watch them splash about together.

‘Ready to eat?’ As Maxi is approaching six months, it’s time for the next stage in his development – weaning. This time round, I intend to do baby led weaning so the other day I offered Max a small banana chunk to see if he was interested at all. He’s been trying to grab food off me whenever I was eating whilst holding him, so I thought he was showing the first signs of readiness. He was very curious about the banana and put it in his mouth a few times but didn’t quite bite any off. We’ll try again in a few days or so.

‘Leo and Mummy time’. The other day I realised that since Max was born last August, I hadn’t really spent much alone time with Leo so last weekend I decided to dedicate some time just for the two of us. On Saturday, I took him to his swimming class as well as to the optician for an annual eye test. He was a bit upset that he didn’t need glasses but we later went for lunch and he had his favourite spag-bol (as well as ice-cream!) and he cheered up a bit. I think his new “reading” glasses (aka Red Nose Day glasses) also helped – he wears them all the time now! 🙂 Do you like them too? On Sunday, I also took him to our friends’  son’s birthday party and he loved having a little boogie. On the way there and back, we played the radio really loud and sang together – so much fun 🙂 Then when we got home, we crashed for a small nap together as well. Bliss!


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