It’s time for my weekly round-up of my favourite blog posts and webpages that I’ve stumbled upon this week.

  • Fave health recipe posts of the week:
    • Maple and Muffins snacks and bars recipes – another amazing foodie website found through Instagram; Abi is only 16 years of age (!!!) but she is already successfully selling cakes in her local town of Norwich. I really want to try out her raw banoffee slices – they look mouth-watering!
  • Fave parenting posts of the week:
    • Tantrums and meltdowns – My Secret For Staying Calm When My Kids Aren’t (by Janet Lansbury) – after years of trying to find a parenting approach that I can relate to and that feels closest to my core values and beliefs, I finally found it in RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) which has given me the confidence to communicate and connect with my children. Despite being five, Leo still throws a few tantrums and I love Janet’s articles which I often go back to in order to remind myself of how to deal with those tricky situations without losing your own temper.