Continuing from last week’s photography post, here are a few of our photos from last week.

‘Frosty morning’. Leo and I love our morning walks to school as we get to walk through a local park. We make up lots of word games to keep us entertained and I’m so impressed with him as he hasn’t moaned even once how long the walk is. It takes us around 15-20 minutes so it is a fairly long walk for his little legs. One day last week, the frost on some of the plants was so beautiful that we had to stop and take a few photos.

‘Playtime’. Leo simply cannot wait for Max to play with him but of course, at five months, Max is still not quite there yet 🙂 So for now, Leo sings songs to Max on his new (loud) keyboard (why, Daddy, why?), gives him the mic to sing as well, showers him with kisses and cuddles (more like squeezes!) and speaks in ‘baby language’ to him. Apparently, only Leo understands what Max is saying so he’s the translator for us at the moment.

‘Learning to pose’. Sadly, Leo has always been a bit awkward with the camera. Think that Chandler Bing moment in one of the ‘Friends’ episodes when he and Monica pose for engagement photos and he goes completely awkward as soon as he looks at the camera. On top of that, Leo’s not that fond of his photos being taken. So for the past couple of years or so, I’ve had to capture photos of him quickly and quietly when he’s not looking. But he’s really getting better at posing for me and learning to smile naturally – as seen in the first photo below. But then he will pull his usual silly faces again 🙂


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