Hello everyone and hope you have great plans for the weekend!

Our week has been fairly quiet so this gratitude list is likely to be short. Leo had a couple of playdates again – honestly, he’s got a better social life than us! – but other than that, we didn’t really get up to much. My week was meant to be quite fun as on Thursday I had planned to go into my office for a ‘Keep in touch’ day but unfortunately, there was a tube strike in London so I didn’t go. I just didn’t fancy going through the nightmare of being stuck on all possible modes of transport for two or even three hours one way so I decided to reschedule my visit. I was so disappointed as I really looked forward to having a ‘day off’ without the kids, wearing some proper clothes (rather than my usual school ensemble of jeans and jumpers which I’m starting to get tired of but they’re oh so comfy!) and maybe even spending a bit of time on the train reading a book! Oh the simple joys in life – sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and I have to wait until 15th Feb.

So my other happy moments (that I did manage to experience) included:

  • Securing a place for Max at a nursery. I had completely forgotten what a painful experience searching for nurseries is and the fact that ideally you should be putting your name down as soon as your baby is conceived – no kidding! There aren’t that many nurseries in our area so finding one that had a good Ofsted report,   was reasonably priced, had a good reputation locally AND worked well for us logistically with dropping off and picking up two kids from two different locations was our key concern. Luckily, there’s a nursery right next door to Leo’s school – tick! Two of Leo’s friends used to go there and it comes highly recommended by their parents – tick! Their daily fees are affordable – tick! And they have a ‘Good’ Ousted report – tick! Unfortunately though, the nursery just couldn’t guarantee a place for Max from June but after they’ve done some projections on how many babies will be moving up to the toddler room and how many new ones will be coming in, they did confirm they can take Max in. So while it’s a bit of a bitter-sweet success because, ideally, I’d like to stay at home for a bit longer than June, I am pleased we managed to sort it all out and things are not looking as gloomy as they did a few weeks ago when I got very anxious about how we would manage it all.
  • Rediscovering forgotten things in the house. Such a small thing but I’ve found my beloved milk frother from IKEA at the back of the utensil drawer and I’m absolutely loving making a beautifully frothy cappuccino every morning 🙂 The Hubby has also found a box of shortbread, Christmas pudding, chocolates and a small bottle of Bucks Fizz that we got at Christmas but put away as there was so much food then. Rediscovering it all a month on has been a rather joyful occasion – for us, anyway! We’re sad that way, The Hubby and I – haha! 🙂
  • Max growing up. A pretty obvious one but he’s changing so much each and every day, and I’m so much more aware of these changes than I was with Leo. I’m not quite sure why that is but I enjoy those moments when I realise he’d done something new. So last week he really started responding to his name which is so lovely as he giggles when I call his name. He also loves sitting up. He can’t yet roll over but yet he loves sitting up. Well, of course he does – after all, there’s just so much more to see that way. He’s outgrown his little bouncer so I’m looking for something for him to sit in – are these Bumbo chairs any good? We didn’t have one with Leo and I’m not sure if they are a) worth the money and b) realistically, will he really sit in there for a reasonable period of time before getting tired? So I’m talking myself out of it and think that perhaps it’s better to wait until he can sit properly and just put him in a playpen? For now, he loves sitting in the good old IKEA highchair, eyeing up his wooden Grimm’s grasping toys (from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks) as you can see. They did end up in his mouth, obviously! But in all seriousness, they have proven to be wonderful teethers, along with a couple of his Lanco natural rubber bath toys (from a wonderful ethical online shop, Babipur). I can’t recommend wooden teethers enough – wood is naturally anti-bacterial so it’s so much more hygienic than plastic teethers.                                                        Finally, last night was a big night for all of us as Max slept on his own in his new room! He’s really outgrown the Chicco Next-to-me crib so it was the time for him to make that transition. I think putting him down in the room for daytime naps for the past few weeks has made a big difference as he slept there all night without any waking up. But let’s not jinx it as who knows what tonight may bring!?

I think that’s pretty much it this week. We are off to a swimming class with Leo this morning and then just pottering around – maybe out for lunch – and then seeing some friends for a pub lunch tomorrow. Have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to!

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