Hello everyone – hope you’re all well. This week has been rather busy for us with a couple of Leo’s playdates and running errands, and once again I just don’t know when the week has gone. People have been talking about January Blues but I must admit that this year, it has completely passed me by – I think it’s definitely because of those two kiddies keeping me on my toes 🙂

So what made me happy this week is:

  • Feeling better – I’ve now seen my new physiotherapist twice and I’m feeling so much better. I still have a way to go to recover fully and need to put in more effort to do some stretching exercises at home to ease the pain in my neck, start some proper exercising and watch my posture. But still, the physio has helped so much and I feel like (almost) a brand new person.
  • Getting my hair done – nothing fills you with as much happiness as getting your hair done, right? This time round, I decided to spice things up a bit and asked to have a fridge, just for a bit of a change.
  • Playdates and coffee meet-ups – we’ve had a couple of Leo’s school friends over for playdates and it was so lovely to see him being so excited about ‘hosting’ his little guests. In fact, he was so excited that he was asking me when he could tidy up his room! Hmmm, I think we should have more friends over 🙂
  • Decorating Max’s room – Maxi is living up to his grand name and is growing with astonishing speed – I haven’t weighed him for a few weeks but he will soon outgrow his Chicco Next to Me crib attached to our bed. Which is why we’ve started getting his room ready for him to move into and it’s been so much fun to make it nice and cosy. I still need to get a few little bits to decorate the walls but overall I like how the room is looking. I absolutely love those star-shaped cushions (from a great online shop My Little Nursery) and the SnuzPod cloud bedsheets (from Natural Baby Shower)! I couldn’t help but take a few pics of Maxi in his new room – we’re slowly getting him used to being there and he’s really loving it 🙂


  • Gadgets – I’m not one to get excited about material things but I recently had to upgrade my phone and The Hubby has finally, after years and years, convinced me to get an iPhone and I must say I love it. Mostly, really, because all the photos I take on the phone can now be automatically saved on my Mac – I know people have been doing it for a while but I struggled with my HTC before so this is a new world for me 🙂 I also decided to get a new camera as I’ve had my DSLR for a couple of years but it’s so cumbersome when we go out with the kids so I’ve gone for a compact system camera instead. I may keep the DSLR but the new camera is proving to be so much more convenient.
  • This blog – when I launched it just before Max’s birth in August last year, I wasn’t sure about whether I was doing the right thing, whether I was brave enough to share personal stuff with complete strangers and there were days after Max was born that I was close to quitting. I think I heard somewhere that, on average, many bloggers quit after two/ three months so I’m pleased I’m still here five months on. Not only that – I’m absolutely loving it! Writing has always been a massive part of my life and the blogging community is so far being really amazing and supportive – it’s been really fun to connect and communicate with like-minded bloggers so long may it continue 🙂

So that’s a few happy snippets from our week – hope you’ve had a good one too & until next time.

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