How many wipes do you use when you change your baby’s soiled nappy? I reckon it’s around three, on average, but perhaps even five or six. Am I right? OK, now what if I told you that you could reduce that to two or even one wipe per change? You may not believe me but you need to trust me – it is possible. How exactly? Well, that’s simple – by switching to reusable wipes.

An average family spends approx. £260 on disposable wipes during the baby’s first two years. This cost will of course be higher if you have more children or use wipes to mop up all sorts of spills and wipe mucky faces at dinner time. Cheeky Wipes estimates this cost can go up as high as £500! So when you compare that to a one-off cost of reusable wipes of approx. £30-35, why wouldn’t you switch?

Not only are reusable wipes more efficient, cheaper, better for the planet but also there are no hidden nasty ingredients lurking inside them. Many disposable wipes cause allergic reactions to baby’s sensitive skin so with the reusable wipes, you can be certain you’re not exposing your baby to potentially harmful chemicals (you can read more about which skincare ingredients to avoid in baby products in my earlier post as well as my analysis of a few brands of disposable wipes)

Reusable wipes and nappies tend to go hand in hand together and as we’ve recently ditched disposable nappies (you can read about our journey here), it felt like the next step for us to do was to ditch disposable wipes too. There are many brands on the market selling reusable wipes but I went with Cheeky Wipes as one of my work colleagues had raved about how great they are. I read a few more reviews online and I was sold.

So how do they work?

They couldn’t be simpler to use. Cheeky Wipes do a few different kits but regardless of which one you opt for, you simply fill up a specially-designed plastic box with the required amount of warm water, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils (lavender & chamomile, mandarin or rose & rose geranium), put your wipes in to soak up the water and they’re ready to be used for a couple of days. The essential oil blends supplied with the kits have been specifically selected as they are known for their calming and anti-septic properties, making them perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. You can use any other essential oils (for instance, tea tree would be good as well). You also don’t have to use the essential oils at all if you don’t want to but you will need to change water every day to avoid the wipes going musty. As for every day use, rather than soak all 25 wipes that come with the kit, I personally change fresh water every morning and soak around six wipes which normally last me for the whole day.

As for the kits, I opted for the Mini Kit (£28-35 depending on which wipe fabric you choose) as I’ve already got a storage bin for my cloth nappies which is where I also store the wipes ready for washing. You could also go for the all-in-one kit (£40-45) which includes an extra box for storing your dirty wipes. For those wanting to use wet wipes on the go, there are also options of out and about bags. Whichever kit you opt for, do check out this and this page for some helpful information and videos.

So going back to my initial question about the number of wipes that you use to clean up your baby’s bottom – I really couldn’t believe it when I watched videos which showed how this can be done with one wipe but I can testify that it is absolutely possible. The reason for this is that unlike disposable wipes, reusable ones don’t ‘smudge’ which makes it so much easier to clean up a dirty bum in one big swoop. I must admit I haven’t quite mastered a (soiled) nappy change with one wipe every single time – clearly it depends on the contents of the nappy – and during some of them I still use two but that’s still a much better ‘performance’ than when I used to use disposable wipes as I could easily go through up to seven wipes! What a waste that was! Now I’m trying to be as efficient as possible and aim to get down to one wipe soon.

If you do decide to switch to reusables wipes, I would recommend the ‘cotton terry’ or ‘cotton zero twist’ fabric (they’re the colourful ones shown in the first picture above) over any other fabric as they have a much better ‘grip’ and are brilliant for little pooey bums. I initially chose bamboo with pinky (the ones with a whale print shown in the first picture above) but as they comprise two fabrics stitched together, I found they just didn’t have a good enough grip and sort slipped when wiping. But they’re perfect for wiping faces and hands so I use them for that instead and have now ordered a whole set of ‘cotton zero twist’ ones. They’ll also be brilliant for weaning and I’ve also saved a few for myself as they are great for face cleansing and removing make-up!

Cheeky Wipes also do washable change mats (made from bamboo and minky) which I’ve also decided to buy as I was getting really frustrated with trying to clean my polyester changing mat as I didn’t feel it was particularly hygienic after so many changes in public toilets. The Cheeky Wipes washable mat is so silky soft, comes in a few pretty designs and is a really generous size (90cm x 72cm) which is much bigger than usual changing mats so it can be used as a small blanket as well.

Overall, what I like about Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes:

  • work out cheaper than disposable wipes
  • more environmentally-friendly
  • don’t contain any harsh ingredients (unlike disposable wipes) so my baby’s skin isn’t exposed to chemicals and the risk of allergic reaction is completely minimised
  • very efficient at cleaning poo with just one (or two) wipes
  • dry quickly and can be re-used wet straight from the washing machine
  • good choice of fabrics to suit different needs
  • multiple purposes – nappy changes, wiping faces and hands, and also removing make-up/ face cleansing.

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Are you using reusable wipes as well? If not, would you consider switching to them?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I purchased all the products mentioned within this post. All views and opinions expressed here are all my own and 100% honest.