Well, this past week has been quite tough for our family (hence no pics of our poor shattered faces!). First, Maxi came down with what the doctor initially suspected to be a vomiting bug but then he became very congested and couldn’t breathe properly. It was so frightening to watch him struggle to breathe and at times choke as a result of the congestion – the doctor wasn’t entirely sure if it was just a viral infection (probably a bit of both, as she said, as there’s so many bugs going round, especially at schools!) so she put him on antibiotics as she was concerned he hadn’t improved and could have got dehydrated due to poor feeding and bringing everything up. Bless him though – he’s been a little trouper and smiling even though he’s been so poorly. Then I became feeling a bit under the weather and one of my ears ‘popped’ so I couldn’t hear on that ear – not a nice feeling at all – and I had to have it syringed 🙁 We seem to be on the road to recovery so, fingers crossed, we won’t have any more germs to fight over the Christmas period.

Despite all of that, I have tried to enjoy the week as much as possible and to find some moments of happiness, some of which I’ve recorded here:


1. Lots of cuddles with Maxi – his illness has not been a nice experience by any means but it’s been a wonderful excuse for some extra special cuddles and little naps together. He also turned four months this week – it’s so scary how quickly the time has flown.

2. Spending some alone time with Leo – Mr O was away for work the entire Saturday during the day and evening, which meant Leo and I got to spend some quality time together, just the two of us. We had fun putting together four sets of 100-piece puzzles which Leo got from one of his friends for his birthday recently – we both love doing puzzles so it was a really nice and relaxing activity for us to do together. Later that night, after I put Maxi to bed, we snuggled up under a blankie on the sofa and watched the recent episode of Planet Earth II. Leo loves the series (and so do we!) and he’s so inquisitive, asking so many questions about all the animals.

3. Buying Xmas pressies – the best thing about this period of time is giving, don’t you agree? I love surprising my nearest and dearest throughout the year but Christmas gifts always feel more special. And I think the older I get, the more nostalgic I become so these days, I go for gifts that can bring a sentimental value to the receivers rather than something they can use and forget about. I have also bought Leo and Max their first personalised Santa sacks which I hope they will enjoy – well, at least Leo for now. I also love the idea of Christmas Eve boxes which I know a lot of Mums prepare for their little ones because back in Poland, people open presents on the 24th after a special family dinner so I’ve always explained to Leo that Santa brings presents there first and then he travels on his sleigh to the rest of the world. Hmmm, not sure how long this clever 5-year old will buy this story for but I’m going to persevere and allow him to open one or two of his presents on the 24th to keep the tradition going.

4. Duvet day last Sunday – I just love duvet days! I’m such a homebody and really enjoy snuggling up in bed, especially now on those cold winter days. So last Sunday as we felt so run down, we stayed in bed a bit longer in the morning and watched a film with Leo. It was a lovely way to finish off the week and help us prepare for the week ahead which brought a few tough days of having to deal with the illness.

5. My morning walks to school with the boys – even though I find waking up early in the morning the most dreadful thing in the world, I really love our morning walks to school. It’s an approx. 15-20 minute walk, including through a local park and Leo and I make up different thinking games every day (our current favourite is giving each other a country in the world and having to list as many things that we know about that country – it’s a great game to keep a toddler occupied for 20 minutes, especially mine who loves geography). I also love that we all get so much out of those walks – Max often sleeps for about three hours as a result of all the fresh air he breathes in, I get a boost of much needed energy (so much better than caffeine!) and I feel so much more prepared for the day ahead, and similarly, I do believe that Leo thrives in school as a result of our walks. This week though, I have had to take Max to the doctor twice in the morning so Mr O had to take Leo to school and I really missed our walks and the games. So on the days that I did get to take him to school, I felt much more mindful of how special those times are, also because at some point next year I will be returning to work and won’t get to continue with those walks every day.

6. Treating myself to a terrarium and Christmas decorations – I recently bought quite a lot of succulents, cacti and aloe vera plants for the house, including boys’ rooms, which have really made the rooms look so much more ‘homely’ and this pentagon/ geometric shaped terrarium has been something I’ve coveted for a long time. We are getting a new storage unit for our hall this weekend to maximise on space for shoes and other bits and bobs, and I am planning to place the terrarium with some air plants on top of that unit – I think the unit and the terrarium will transform what is currently a very messy area with lots of shoes, scarves and hats scattered around.

And as for the Christmas decorations – well, recently I’ve been obsessed with all things woodland creatures related so I was so excited to have come across these beauties at Waitrose last week – aren’t they gorgeous?

And since our Christmas wreath has had its time after around six years of use, I also couldn’t walk away from this beautiful wreath, again from Waitrose – and at £15, it is not only beautiful but also excellent VFM!

Talking about little things that make a busy Mum happy, hey? 😉


So that’s it for this week. I’m finding that this Linky is really forcing me to recall at the end of the day everything we have done and find joy in the smallest of things, and I am becoming more and more mindful of each and every moment, no matter how mundane it may seem sometimes.

Leo has now broken up for Christmas so next week we’ll need to come up with some activities to fill in the week – otherwise, it’ll be a loooooong week 🙂


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