This is the first ever Linky on my blog – very exciting indeed! The Happy Days linky is hosted by Katy at What Katy Said and Sian at Quite Frankly She Said, and I think it’s such a fab linky. My philosophy on life has always been to cherish every moment and see the beauty of life in the smallest of things. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to forget certain happiness moments so writing them down every week is something that really appeals to me, especially now with two children as those precious moments seem to slip through my fingers.

OK, so off I go – these are the things that have made me happy this week:

  1. Leo’s 5th birthday party – last weekend, we held a disco-themed party (delivered by The Little Disco Company) for him and around 20 of his friends, and it was such a great afternoon. All the children had so much fun, dancing around and joining in the activities. We’ve organised a party for him every year since he was born but this one was the biggest so far. It’s so great to be able to organise a special day for your children but we really make a big deal out of making  Leo aware of how lucky he is. It may sound harsh but we do believe that these days some children take so many things for granted so it is important for us to bring him up teaching him to appreciate everything.dsc_0750_fotor
  2. Max and Leo interacting and bonding together – for about the first four weeks of Max’s life, Leo was quite indifferent towards Max. Perhaps that was because of our constant reminders: “Be careful around Max”, “Don’t jump around Max”, “Don’t squeeze his hand/ don’t hug him too hard” or perhaps Max wasn’t just ‘interesting’ enough to Leo, not doing much and sleeping most of the time. Well, those two are definitely interacting now – Leo loves performing gymnastics for Maxi, reading books to him, showing him his toys (whilst making sure no small objects are anywhere near him – so the reminders have had some influence, after all 🙂 ) And Max is absolutely fascinated by Leo – he follows him with his gaze when he’s in the room and no matter what face Leo pulls, Max laughs his little socks off. It’s absolutely adorable to watch!
  3. Skype – this could be on my list every week as I am so grateful for video calls and teleconference calls. My parents live in Poland whilst my brother is in Germany so it’s such a godsend not only to be able to call them and speak to them daily, but most importantly see them through video calls. The teleconference facility is a new addition to Skype, from what I know, and it’s great making a three-way video chat – especially for my boys so they can keep in touch with their family, regardless of their location.
  4. Leo’s school Nativity play – I couldn’t be prouder of my big boy this week. He was given the role of the Little Soldier in his school’s ‘Busy, busy Bethlehem’ nativity play and he did such a wonderful job. We practised his seven incredibly hard lines (“Line up, line up”, “Hurry up, hurry up” among them) for a few days leading up to the play – but in all seriousness – he learnt them so quickly and delivered them beautifully on the day. I don’t know about you but seeing these little kiddies in their outfits always makes me cry so I shed a few little tears just looking at them.screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-00_fotor
  5. Ladies night out – my first night out (well, just an evening really!) since I don’t know when. When I was pregnant with Max, I made friends with a bunch of lovely (also pregnant) ladies from my local area and we decided to have some Crimbo fun and go out for a meal. It was such a fun night with lots of laughs (and an oddly-shaped pear dessert lol!) and I really enjoyed myself, forgetting about all the things needed to be done the following day and just enjoying the company and all the conversations.

So that’s it for me this week – I have really enjoyed sharing my happy moments with you all and I hope you enjoyed reading about them too. Until next week then 🙂

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