I like trying new products so I wanted to share what I’m using at the moment as it’s likely to change soon. I will be reviewing some of the items in more detail as separate posts so watch this space.



  1. Mio The Mio Body Brush – from Feel Unique – best used dry before showering, it is perfect for reinvigorating the skin and improving circulation.
  2. Weleda Almond Body Wash – from Ecco Verde – I love the smell of almonds and this wash leaves my skin feeling soft and silky, however because it doesn’t contain any foaming agents, it’s not particularly cost efficient as I end up distributing way too much of the product with my hands.
  3. Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge – from Ecco Verde – one of my best discoveries EVER, this 100% natural sponge is a true little gem – more hygienic, softer and more long-lasting than a traditional body buff or sponge. I’m also using them on my little boys as I have found traditional baby sponges go mouldy after only a few uses – these ones, on the other hand, dry very quickly and continue to have a very fresh smell. I wrote about them in the post on my newborn son’s washing routine.
  4. Odylique Honey & Oatmeal Cleansing Bar – from LoveLula – natural handmade soaps are having a real moment now so I wanted to try one but one that was also a subtle exfoliator. I’ve been using it for a while now and I really like this bar – the honey provides a nice silky texture when being distributed whilst small parts of oatmeal act as an exfoliator.
  5. Organyc Intimate Wash with Chamomile – from LoveLula – unlike many intimate washes, this one doesn’t contain harsh detergents such as SLS so it is kinder to the sensitive intimate area. Its main ingredients are chamomile, calendula and aloe vera, all of which are known for their soothing properties.



  1. Fushi Organic Shea Virgin butter (unrefined) – from Fushi – the only drawback of this product is that I haven’t discovered it earlier – it’s another biggest discovery for me! I simply ADORE using it on my skin straight after shower when it’s still a bit wet (the butter sinks in better if done that way) and  it keeps it soft and moisturised for hours and hours. I also use it to whip up my own blended body butters – see below for links to my recipes.
  2. One of my DIY whipped body butters – recipes here – these are so easy to make and are super moisturising as they contain shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I encourage everyone to give these a go as I am confident you will never buy a ‘normal’ body lotion ever again.
  3. Schmidt’s Lavender + Sage cream deodorant – from Ecco Verde – I love the smell of lavender but I’m not so keen on the combination with sage so will probably revert to the Schmidt’s lime and bergamot deodorant which I’d used before; it is a great natural cream deodorant though – a full review can be found here.
  4. My DIY natural deodorant – recipe here – I have attempted to replicate the Schmidt’s deodorant and whilst it’s obviously not the same formula, I do think it works just as well.


Face care:

  1. Byron Bay Skincare Cream Cleanser – from Byron Bay Skincare – I have written a full review of this excellent cleanser here.
  2. Dr Hauschka Facial Toner – from Love Lula – this is a really nice refreshing toner with witch hazel extract; I don’t use any cleansers in the morning (as they strip off skin’s natural oils which we produce overnight) so instead I refresh my skin with this toner before I apply face cream (I do think this extra step adds an extra softness to my skin) and also in the evenings after cleansing, and I have found this toner has really helped to minimise my pores.
  3. Konjac Sponge Company Pink Clay Face Sponge – from LoveLula – everyone seems to be raving about these natural sponges and having used it for over a month now, I’m not sure I see what all the fuss is about. It is a very pleasant sponge to use and helped to remove make-up (with a cleanser) but I haven’t noticed any particular effects of its usage on my skin. I’m also a bit concerned about a few dark spots which are beginning to appear, despite taking great care every day to dry the sponge after each use.
  4. Balm Balm Face Mask with Hibiscus – from LoveLula – I don’t use masks as much as I should as I often find they’re just too much hassle. With this mask though (which is is a combination of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil), I have found that I can apply it just before the shower and then let it work its magic on my skin whilst I shower and voila – I come out of the shower with totally rejuvenated skin 🙂
  5. Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion – from Weleda – this is one of my favourite cleansers, along the Byron Bay Skincare one (above). The Weleda one is aimed at sensitive skin and I can certainly vouch for the difference it has made to my skin which is prone to redness and contact dermatitis. I find many cleansers leave your skin feeling tight but not this one – quite the opposite as it makes it feel really hydrated and supple.
  6. (not in picture) Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream – from Weleda – I really liked Weleda’s almond cleanser and almond facial lotion (which I had used before my current face creams) so I thought I would give their eye cream a go. I’m glad I did because this is a fabulous eye cream – it has a light consistency but feeling rich when applied to the eye area. I had gained quite a few wrinkles under my eyes during last pregnancy and after birth (sleep? what sleep?), and I have noticed this cream has actually helped to reduce their appearance.


Face care:

  1. Byron Bay Skincare Replenishing Cream – from Byron Bay Skincare – the full review of this product can be found here.
  2. Alepia Admirable Oil with Prickly Pear – from Alepia – I fell in love with facial oils about a year ago and I simply adore trying out new oils – it’s become a bit of an addiction actually and I have accumulated quite a few already. This combination of four oils (argan, nigella, prickly pear and damascus rose) is definitely at the top for me – it has a divine smell and it sinks in so well into my skin, leaving it supple and plump. This is a great oil for anyone with dry and/ or mature skin.
  3. Ooh! – Oils of Heaven Organic Baobab Rejuvenating Face Oil – from LoveLula – another favourite of mine. Baobab oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, and absorbs into the skin really well – a perfect oil for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.
  4. Fushi Camellia Organic Oil Virgin Cold Pressed – from Fushi – I got this small 10ml sample when ordering Fushi’s amazing shea butter and coconut oil, and I have really enjoyed using this very versatile oil. Rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, camellia oil is said to be suitable for dry skin, and can be applied to the face and the body. It is also recommended as a remedy for stretch marks and scars (especially combined with rosehip oil and tamanu oil), and is also gentle enough to use on baby skin. Overall then, a good all-rounder oil.


Make up

  1. Lily Lolo Prime Focus Eyelid Primer – from Naturisimo –  my make up routine has had to change quite dramatically after giving birth as I simply do not have the time to apply a full face of make-up the way I did a few months ago when still working. Nevertheless, it is important for me to look presentable on school runs (I try anyway!) and one of the basics is to cover those dark circles under my eyes. This great-value primer has two different tones which is very handy – I use yellow first to cover the redness and then the beige one to even out the skin tone to match the rest of my face. I then use a bit of mineral powder to ensure the area is matte. It’s an important step as leaving it ‘shiney’ will bring attention to the area – one of the best make up tricks I have learnt from watching YouTube make-up vloggers 🙂
  2. Madara Moonflower Tinting Fluid – from LoveLula – I have been struggling to find a natural liquid foundation that works on my face (I’ve tried two so far and both just ‘rolls off’ my face at each application, no matter what face cream I use beforehand) which is why I wanted to give a tinted moisturiser a go. This one distributes really well and gives a nice sheen but unfortunately, the ‘coverage’ of this fluid is just not sufficient to minimise the redness on my cheeks and around the nose areas. Also, this fluid has quite a potent smell which I can only compare to leeks but it is definitely due to the algae extract.
  3. Lily Lolo Natural Mascara – from Naturisimo – I got this mascara after reading many positive reviews and I must say I am really pleased with it. My eyes have always been quite sensitive to traditional mascaras but this one has been very gentle on them. Its price tag is also on par with high street brands which makes it a very affordable natural option for those wanting to switch to natural products. The only drawback is that it does crumble on the lower lid a bit if too much product is applied.
  4. Lily Lolo BB Cream (Light) – from Naturisimo – still on a search for that perfect natural liquid foundation, I got this cream to test against the Madara tinting fluid. It definitely gives more coverage than the tinting fluid but still not quite sufficient for me (I went for the ‘light’ colour so perhaps the medium one would work better for me). However, it is a really good BB cream which evens out skin tone and covers (to a degree) some discolouration.


Hair care:

  1. Faith in nature Jojoba Shampoo – from Holland & Barrett
  2. Faith in nature Jojoba Conditioner – from Holland & Barrett

This haircare set has the most divine smell (originating from jojoba) but sadly, it’s not proving to be suitable to my hair type. I bought it when I was still pregnant when my hair was at its best (thick, shiney and ‘normal’ – as opposed to thin, matte/ dull, and oily at the roots/ dry on the ends when not pregnant) and it seemed to agree with my hair. However, 3.5 months after giving birth, my hair is reverting to its old ways which is beginning to affect my haircare routine. So whilst I did enjoy using this set for a while, it is now not suitable for my hair so once it’s finished (I’m against wasting so will finish using it), I will be looking for another shampoo and conditioner.


Dental Care: 

  1. Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash – from Ecco Verde – this is our first natural mouthwash and we really like it. It comes in a very small bottle but it is highly concentrated so only a few drops are required. We have been using it alongside Weleda toothpastes and we have seen a significant improvement in our teeth which appear much whiter and the plaque has completely disappeared.
  2. Weleda Calendula Toothpaste – from Holland & Barrett – it took us a while to get used to a different taste but now we absolutely LOVE this toothpaste -in fact, we love it as well as the other, salt toothpaste from Weleda. As mentioned before, we have noticed a huge difference in the state of our teeth since switching to these natural toothpastes and I cannot recommend them enough.


Nail care:

  1. Benecos Natural Polish Remover – from My Pure – this remover was a replacement for the remover that I got within the Zoya Mini Colour Lock System (see below) but unfortunately, it is not as efficient at removing nail polish. You have to use quite a lot of product and it smudges everywhere. It’s free from toxic ingredients that can normally be found in cheap polish removers, including acetone, but sadly it hasn’t been that effective for me so I will be reverting back to the Zoya one.
  2. Zoya colour – from LoveLula
  3. Zoya Anchor Base Coat (full size) – from LoveLula
  4. Zoya Armor Top Coat (full size)- from LoveLula
  5. Zoya Fast Drops Drying Drops (full size) – from LoveLula

(Items 3-5 can also be bought in smaller sizes as part of a pack Zoya Mini Color Lock System – from LoveLula )

When pregnant with my younger son, I was looking for a safe nail polish to use during pregnancy as I had been really worried about the fumes that I’d be breathing in when using traditional nail polishes and polish removers. I came across many positive reviews for this brand and having used their products for a long time, I cannot speak highly enough about them. All of the products are known as ‘5-free’ which means they are formulated without the use of the five main toxic ingredients found in traditional polish: camphor, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and toluene. I have been tested positive for allergy to formaldehyde so this new discovery of nail polishes has meant that I can safely use my favourite nail varnish colours. Their colour selection is exceptional and I particularly like the drying drops which add shine to your nails and really do make them dry much quicker. As I said earlier as well, I also love their remover which has a very pleasant smell and removes even the darkest varnish with ease.

Have you used any of these products? Are you satisfied with them and which ones would you recommend?