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Chocolate and mint body scrub

DIY skincare – Chocolate and mint body scrub 

Homemade skincare that’s good enough to eat? Why yes, please! Look no further my dear friends because in this post I’m bringing you a finger licking recipe for a chocolate scented body scrub.You are sure to find most of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards and it’s a really inexpensive scrub so give it a go – […] Read more…

DIY skincare – Zesty sea salt body scrub 

It’s time for my weekly recipe for making your own natural skincare product. This time round, I’m showing you how to create a refreshing body scrub which will leave your skin not only exfoliated and smelling fresh, but also beautifully moisturised. If you think making your own skincare products is difficult, then you’re in the right place […] Read more…

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