Keep away from children – ingredients to avoid in skincare products for babies and children

When it comes to babies and children, all parents have one thing in common – we all want to give them the best things in life. This, I’m sure, applies to all aspects of care, including skin care. But as babies’ and children’s skin is much more sensitive than ours, it is especially important to make […] Read more…

Skin care ingredients to avoid when pregnant and/or breastfeeding

Most expectant Mums are well-informed about which foods to avoid when pregnant, however very few pregnancy guides or books offer advice on skin care products and ingredients which should equally be avoided or not used at all, due to their potential to harm an unborn baby. Some skin care ingredients have the ability to cross […] Read more…

6 golden rules for deciphering skincare labels

My six golden rules for deciphering skin care labels & ingredient lists

The regulations behind cosmetics safety are more than a complex issue so this post, along with others that will follow, can only attempt to scratch the surface of the topic but I hope it/ they will offer a useful starting point for those of you who want to pay a bit more attention and want […] Read more…

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