Welcome to my weekly feature – meal planners.

Find out quick & easy dinner recipe ideas from our weekly meal planner – be more organised, cut food waste & enjoy fresh and homemade meals!

Our meals last week were:

  • Monday: My beetroot soup (which I made the previous day) – see recipe below

  • Tuesday: Prawns soup from Jamie Oliver’s book ‘5 Ingredients’
  • Wednesday: Leftover soups from Monday and Tuesday – beetroot one for me and prawns one for Hubby
  • Thursday: Homemade burger for Hubby with chips and salad, and for me – veggie sausages with fried Jerusalem artichokes, and salad
  • Friday: Hubby had spag-bol and I had quinoa/ rice cakes with soft cheese, tomatoes & alfalfa sprouts as I had a bigger lunch with Max earlier in the day (which was the prawns soup that I froze on Tuesday, slightly bulked up with more basmati rice for a rice stew type of dish – he loved it!)
  • Saturday: Homemade pizza
  • Sunday: Mediterranean quinoa bowls with avocado, chickpeas and roasted red pepper sauce, inspired by my recent obsession, Pinch of Yum – these will be my quick work lunch ideas, I think!

Overall thoughts:

I started the week feeling really poorly and ended up being off work for the whole week so having a nice hearty soup at the end of the day was definitely needed! The beetroot soup turned out beautifully and is now frozen for a quick dinner during the week. The prawns soup was very simple to make and we intially questionned whether we liked it or not, as it didn’t seem to have too many flavours going on, but the more we ate it, then more we enjoyed it. As I said, I bulked it up with more basmati rice for Max (Leo wouldn’t go anywhere near anything remotely spicy!) so it’s a great and quick option for kids as well.

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′]

Do you also plan your meals in advance? Let me know what you think of our meals last week and feel free to share yours as well – we’d love to try out new dishes.

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