Welcome to my weekly gratitude journal where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

Last week was half term and I had one day of annual leave to spend some time with Leo. I also worked from home one day with only two days in the office, so it wasn’t too stressed a week. However I did have a few moments of feeling low and generally quite lethargic so I don’t think I focused on positive memories as much as I could have but let’s see what this gratitude list will end up containing.

This is what made me happy last week:

  • Having a planned day off work on Monday to spend some alone time with Leo for half term – we went to the cinema to see the Early Man film. Leo is obsessed with football so he was asking me if it was true that people played football in the stone ages! We also went for lunch and had pizza as that’s his favourite thing to eat these days. It was so lovely to chat to him about what he enjoys doing at the moment.
  • A few of my friends texting me and checking on me as I’ve been feeling quite low and lacking motivation.
  • Booking a meeting with a dietitian as I’m really struggling to lose the post-baby weight (probably one of the reasons why I’m feeling quite low!). My sweet tooth/ comfort eating habits don’t help at all! I hope having a tailored meal plan will help me control my sugar cravings and lose some extra weight I’ve put on.
  • Receiving February’s Beauty Box from LoveLula – unboxing post and video are coming up next week!
  • Being featured on LoveLula’s ‘Bloggers Recommend’ page – ok, so I was actually featured a while ago but I’ve totally forgotten about to mention it here and every time I get reminded, I get quite excited because never in a million years have I ever thought I would be writing a blog about natural skincare, let alone anyone wanting to know my product recommendations.
  • Receiving some more lovely goodies from the lovely Olga from The Rose Tree Organic Skincare – thanks Olga!
  • Finally finishing off a few posts and editing a few videos which I’ve been working on for the past few weeks – I just stop and start so much but that’s just the reality of trying to fit in this addictive blogging hobby around kids.
  • Going for a walk with Max earlier today, sitting down in the park while he fell asleep and just listening to the sounds around me, not having taken my phone with me to get distracted, and just being in the moment.

Have a great week everyone! Stay positive and mindful!

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