Welcome to my new feature – meal planners.

The Hubby and I love cooking and trying out new recipes but with full-time work and so many family responsibilities, cooking has become a real chore for both of us. Yes, we are good at coordinating who has to cook whilst the other one puts the kids to bed but what makes it feel like a real chore is the fact that we don’t really have any structure to our weekly dinners. In the past, we would return from work tired and rummage through our fridge, freezer and cupboards to hastily put a meal together. Or even worse – we would text each other during the day: “Hey, what’s for dinner?” and then make a quick dash to the shops on the way from work to pick up a few bits which we then found out we already had in the house. We’re getting better at being more organised and planning in advance but in the past it wasn’t uncommon for us to throw away food that would go off because of our lack of organisation (which we both absolutely hate doing!!). I have to give some due credit to The Hubby though as he’s always been much more organised than me when it comes to dinner planning but even though, we would always have the same old meals as we just couldn’t find the energy to come up with anything new. We were just stuck in a rut. Does that sound familiar to you?

So now on a Friday evening (hey, that’s how rock ‘n roll we are!), we each take it in turns to plan our meals for the following week, place an online order for any required ingredients that we don’t already have at home for a Sunday morning delivery. And we’re hoping we can continue being super organised this year, eat more varied meals rather than the same old stuff and most of all, cut the food waste by planning how we use up different produce!

So I was thinking that to keep us a little bit more accountable, I would post what we had each week so that would help us to continue to plan in advance, and hopefully give you some inspiration too. I love watching YouTube videos to inspire me to cook new things so I’ll be adding them where possible so that you get a handy step-by-step guide, as well as any links to recipes and where to get ingredients, etc.

So our meals last week were:

  • Monday: Conchiglie pasta with marinated artichokes, onion and tomato sauce (recipe from a book which I can’t find online, will post a picture later) – Love this recipe, it’s so easy, tastes yummy and I’m just obsessed with artichokes and can’t get enough of them.
  • Tuesday: Rocket Pesto Orzo with Charred Courgettes and Tomato Salad – this is another favourite of mine, we got it in one of the Hello Fresh boxes (which we don’t order any more as they took up too long to make) but we cheat now by using ready-made pesto. I’d never heard of orzo pasta before but now it’s my absolute favourite. And pesto – oh my goodness, I’m totally addicted! (Anyone else?)
  • Wednesday: Rocket pesto orzo left overs 
  • Thursday: I skipped dinner as was working late in the office (instead I overdosed on Kallo’s smoked paprika rice cakes lol!)
  • Friday: Ready-made Super Grain Coconut, Lime & Chilli soup by Glorious! Super Soups – really lovely hearty soup.
  • Saturday: Veggie option of the ham & egg curried noodles from Jamie Oliver’s book ‘5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food’ – so easy to make and tastes gorgeous! Enough said!
  • Sunday: Hubby cooked a homemade beef shepherd’s pie for him and the boys, and salmon en croute with homemade mash, pesto & spinach for me – his pie looked gorgeous and my salmon was yummy too! 

Overall, we did well by planning ahead but the meals were a bit too pasta heavy! We love pasta in our house but yeah, it was a bit too much! 

Do you also plan your meals in advance? Let me know what you think of our meals last week and feel free to share yours as well – we’d love to try out new dishes.

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