Welcome to my interview series, “A greener way of life”, in which I talk to fellow green lifestyle & beauty bloggers to find out more about how, on a day-to-day basis, they manage to lead a green lifestyle. From making more ethical shopping choices, ditching plastic, to growing their own veg, these uber-conscious bloggers can teach all of us a thing or two about making a positive contribution not only to our planet but also to those around us. They say that ‘grass is greener on the other side’ and in the case of these lifestyle bloggers, it probably is 🙂

A greener way of life

This week I’m chatting to my internet buddy turned real life friend, Heather from A Reusable Life 🙂

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

Hey I’m Heather! Nurse, wife and mother of two boys, vegetarian and all round enthusiast. Having children really changed me. I know that probably sounds like a total cliche, but it is true. Not only did I feel an overwhelming responsibility for this small life I was now to be in charge of, it ran much deeper than that. I realised it was not just responsibility for his life but for the planet we live in and ultimately his future. It started with using reusable nappies and just evolved from there!

What does a ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ lifestyle mean to you?

I strongly believe that it is possible to be green without being perfect. I think there is so much pressure on parents in modern society, people really don’t need guilting into feeling any worse. The most important thing is that people recognise there are small actions they can take that really do make a difference, rather than feeling so overwhelmed by ‘perfection’ that they give up at the first hurdle. For me personally, it is about being a conscious consumer. I want feel secure in the knowledge that no person or place has suffered as a direct consequence of producing that product for my benefit or luxury.

Why is it important to you?

As a family we spend a lot of time on adventures. We love walking, nature, camping and the outdoor life in general. My husband and I both believe in raising our boys to be guardians of the planet and we do our best to encourage them to love nature through positive role modelling. My son is already a strong advocate for refusing plastic and I hope that he will be able to be a positive influence on his peers in years to come. Let’s face it, the future is on their hands. 

What everyday actions do you currently take to help you achieve that sort of lifestyle?

Every time I am considering a purchase, I try to give it consideration. I want to know: where it has come from, how was it made or produced, and by whom, was it produced sustainably, and ultimately can I do without it! I’m certainly not perfect by any stretch but I try to have these thoughts in mind when being a consumer. I am better in certain parts of my life than others and I still struggle with the ‘do i need this’ concept when it comes to children clothes and toys! As a family we avoid single use plastics wherever possible, particularly the big four offenders; bottles, coffee cups, straws and bags. My love for reusable products has grown dramatically in the last year or so and I now pride myself in researching eco alternatives. If you can think of a reusable alternative, we probably have it. Cling films not an essential part of everyday life…who knew?! We have been slowly reducing packaged goods and replacing them with lots of lovely glass jars that we refill at the bulk store. We shop local and support ethical businesses, full stop.

Heather - A Reusable Life

What other green initiatives would you like to implement in your household?

I really want a bokashi bin! We have been composting for a long time and try to keep food waste to a minimum. We don’t create meat food waste but there is always some wet food waste that we don’t have an output for other than landfill. I want my weekly trash in a mason jar!!

How do you teach your children about looking after the environment or leading a greener kind of lifestyle? 

My son Arthur is four, nearly five so he now has a good level of understanding. We collect rubbish together, from the beach, woods or streets (anywhere really) and talk about the impact this has on the environment. We dispose of the rubbish in the appropriate way and he understands recycling. Most importantly, we just encourage our boys to love nature and understand that we are part of it, not separate from it.

What 5 top tips would you give to someone who wants to lead a more conscious, greener and zero-waste lifestyle?

  • Do what is right for you and your family and take small steps and makes changes slowly. 
  • Never feel guilty for trying to make a difference, you’re amazing!
  • Ditch the big four offenders, single use drinks bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags and straws 
  • Think carefully about the purchases you make and try to make ethical choices where possible.
  • Shop local and support small business 

Who do you look up to for advice?

I am so inspired by the amazing people I meet inside my computer and through social media. It is really refreshing to meet like minded people that you can really share your passion and enthusiasm for green lifestyle with. Ana from Ana Goes Green has been a great inspiration for me, I love her blog and catching up with her IG stories. Tamsin from Eco Fluffy Mama is a font of knowledge on reusable menstrual products and her charitable work providing access for all women to sanitary products is really inspiring. One of my favourite zero waste blogs is Lindsay from Treading My Own Path and I am always inspired by her ideas.

Apart from Heather’s blog, you can also find her on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks Heather for sharing your views and tips! 

If you’re a green lifestyle and/or beauty blogger and you’re interested in being featured in my interview series, then please email me at alex@thatbutterflyeffect.com

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