Naissance’s Organic Prickly Pear Oil – review and giveaway

Once you start using natural skincare products, you quickly realise that nature provides us with some truly wonderful resources. Take the prickly pear cactus (also known as Barbary Fig or Cactus Pear), originating from Mexico. Its yellow and red fruits are edible and the oil, which is pressed from their seeds, contains Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, as well as vitamin A and vitamin E, all of which offer wonderfully skin-nourishing benefits to your skin:

  • Omega fatty acids help alleviate signs of ageing, smoothing skin’s surface and calming redness and sensitivity caused by external factors (such as cold and wind); 
  • Vitamin A is a powerhouse anti-ageing ingredient which helps to smooth wrinkles, firms up skin and is also an antioxidant;
  • Vitamin E is one of the best anti-oxidants; it helps to repair skin and protect it against free radicals (molecules that that cause the skin to age by damaging collagen).
Prickly Pear Oil
The Cactus Pear fruits – photo courtesy of Sheldon Navie

I’d previously used a facial oil blend containing prickly oil pear which I was very pleased with so I was really excited when I got approached by the natural and organic skincare brand Naissance to test their organic prickly pear oil. Earlier in the year, I’d had the pleasure of meeting one of their colleagues at the Soil Association’s pop-up shop during Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week so I was already aware of their credentials. As a bit of a facial oil fanatic, I just had to give this one a go. If you want find out more about why I love face oils, head over to my post Face oils: What’s all the fuss?.

Naissance Prickly Pear Oil Review and Giveaway

Product description: 

“This Mexican delight packs a serious punch with 60% Omega 6 and 22% Omega 9; a bountiful supply of provitamin A and vitamin E, this extremely nourishing oil is a beautiful addition to your beauty regime. A medium-light oil that absorbs quickly and deeply moisturises to help improve the signs of ageing day or night, helping to hydrate, nourish and soften all skin types including sensitive skin. Certified organic by the Soil Association.”

Size and price: 30ml, £24.99 

Ingredients: (INCI) Opuntia ficus indica (Prickly Pear Seed Oil)

Naissance Prickly Pear Oil Review and Giveaway

My view:


As far as ingredients are concerned, you can’t expect better quality than an unrefined cold-pressed certified organic oil. Cold-pressing is hugely important as it helps to maintains all the nutritional values of the oil so it’s always worth checking how an oil has been obtained. 

Use and benefits:

Even though this is a light and well-absorbing oil, a good facial massage is a must with all facial oils. I find that four-five drops are just enough for my face and after I’ve left the oil absorb for a few minutes, I then apply on my usual liquid foundation which I think sits much nicer on my skin than if I’d used a cream rather than an oil, giving me a flawless finish. I’ve used this oil for a few weeks now, both day and evening, and I find that it works really well on my skin. The high level of linoleic acid (approx. 60%), found in Omega 6, in prickly pear oil means that it helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and increase its firmness. Being a tired working Mum surviving on a few hours of sleep means my skin is ageing a bit too quickly at the moment so my skincare routine needs to compensate for lack of sleep as much as possible. So far, I’m seeing some good signs of using the oil – my skin feels plumper and some lines around my forehead aren’t as visible as they used to. I’m hoping the more I use the oil, the more benefits I get to see over time. 

Prickly pear oil is generally said to be most suitable to sensitive skin but also acne-prone and oil skin. I know that this sounds counterintuitive but plant-based oils can be hugely beneficial to oily skin – as long as you choose the right ones, i.e. those high in linoleic acids (there’s some existing research into why acne-prone and oily skin is low in linoleic acids). 


Prickly pear oil comes with a fairly hefty price tag as it’s really expensive to extract it. From what I’ve read, to produce 1 litre of the oil, you need 30 kg of seeds extracted from 1000 kg of fruit!!! So if you come across a cheaper version, it’s bound to be a lower grade oil so beware – this is why I always recommend educating yourself on reading labels and ingredient lists!


The oil comes in a dark glass bottle with a handy dropper which is great for squeezing just the right amount of the oil and not wasting a drop! If I had to find one minor fault about this product (and the brand as a whole), I’d have to say it’s the labelling. The name of the company and the product seem to be lost among a lot of unnecessary text on the front of the label and the back isn’t clear either – the fine print is just too difficult to read and I don’t see any value that it brings. Interestingly though, I’ve been told by Naissance that they are planning a big re-brand soon – you can check out more information on their blog. The new bottles look really lovely (while the quality of products inside them stays the same)!

Overall, I’m really pleased with the oil and the positive difference it’s having on my skin. Despite being a fairly pricey oil, I think it’s worth the money and I will be definitely repurchasing it.  

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Disclosure: I was kindly gifted a bottle of the prickly pear oil by Naissance. Nevertheless, all views expressed in this post are 100% mine and honest.  

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Naissance prickly pear oil
Prickly pear oil – new branding Photo courtesy of: Naissance Trading

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  1. They lock in moisture, protect skin from environmental damage and, key at this time of year, plump out parched skin and banish flaky patches.

  2. I love using facial oils because they really make a difference to my skin. When using them I almost never get dry patches and they help my breakout-prone skin heal quicker.

  3. I love using facial oils because as a busy mum they support a little ‘me time’, and leave me feeling so well cared for! Can’t beat facial oils for creating a soft kissable face and glowing skin.

  4. I love using facial oils because they are great at hydrating my skin and for some reason, I see them being richer and purer than using a facial cream. I generally use them at night, before I go to bed and have noticed a real improvement in my skin’s hydration levels.

  5. Now that I am getting a ‘little’ older in life I know my skin needs just that bit more, I have been using oil for a while now and love to try new ones! Thanks for the chance x

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