Welcome to my weekly gratitude list where I share all the every day moments that have made me happy and appreciate life. No matter how mundane life can sometimes feel, there’s always so much to be grateful for which is why I write a gratitude list every week!

Oh wow, I haven’t written a gratitude list since mid-August! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! It’s been a rather hectic last couple of months since our holiday to Portugal which I was getting ready for when writing the last gratitude list. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that our family was hit with a huge tragedy in August as my sister-in-law passed away very suddenly. So in all honesty, I didn’t feel like writing a gratitude list for a while afterwards. It just didn’t feel right to be focusing on happy moments when such a tragedy hit our family… As the time has gone on, I’ve tried to focus on positives though as life is so short and fragile, and I’ve really missed having a record of our everyday happy moments. 

Happy days #27

As for my gratitude list – here are a few things that made me smile last week:

  • Having a week off work for half term. 
  • Taking Leo to Germany to visit my brother for a long weekend. 
  • Having a great time with my brother over a nice dinner and a drink, and then chatting on the sofa and having a laugh. 
  • The Hubby holding the fort back home and sending me updates of how Max was doing (as this was the first time I’d left him for more than a few hours), as well as updates on all the cooking and ironing he did – he’s definitely scored a few brownie points.
  • Making our own chocolate with Leo and my brother at a chocolate factory in Hamburg.
  • Eating the said chocolate 🙂
  • Skype calls with my brother last week following our visit – spending time together last weekend has definitely made me realise we need to catch up more often.
  • Leo coming up with some real funny one-liners. When I quizzed him why he wouldn’t tell his real age to his new friends and staff at a half term sports club, he responded: “Mummy, I didn’t want to tell them all my info!”. It’s either the influence of the school teaching them about online safety or he’s becoming more aware of his age and the gap between him and his older friends. Anyway, it was one of the funniest things. Another one was when I asked him about what cards he would give me when we were playing a cards game, he said: “You get what you’re given!” Now that’s definitely his Daddy’s influence 🙂
  • Max being a little daredevil and climbing up one of Leo’s small wooden chairs to stand up on it – the look on his face when he got on top was priceless. That boy just has no fear! 

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