Welcome to my new interview series, “A greener way of life”, in which I talk to fellow green lifestyle & beauty bloggers to find out more about how, on a day-to-day basis, they manage to lead a green lifestyle. From making more ethical shopping choices, ditching plastic, to growing their own veg, these uber-conscious bloggers can teach all of us a thing or two about making a positive contribution not only to our planet but also to those around us. They say that ‘grass is greener on the other side’ and in the case of these lifestyle bloggers, it probably is 🙂

A greener way of life

First to open up about her lifestyle is Georgina from the Pebble Mag.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your magazine.

I’ve been a magazine editor and travel journalist for the last 15 years. Over the last few years travelling all over the world I’ve become more concerned about my impact, the readers’ impact and more interested in sustainable systems, new approaches to things, ethical fashion and food issues. I launched pebble magazine last year as a digital hub that brings all of these things together in the guise of a stylish lifestyle magazine. We’re about showing not telling and believe in the power of positive stories to make real change. Our hashtag is #pebblesmakeripples.

We’re a magazine platform rather than a blog as blogs tend to focus on the person writing them and look at issues through a personal lens whereas as a magazine, we let the stories speak for themselves. You won’t find pics of me anywhere I’m afraid.

What does a ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ lifestyle mean to you?

This is such a big question. To me it’s about making the changes you can to live more lightly on the planet. It might be walking not driving, not using single use plastic, eating more plants and being conscious of the millions of little decisions that we make daily that could be made differently to not harm the planet so much. We have become disconnected with how our food is grown or how our clothes are made that we don’t think about the process that’s had to take place before it ends up in our home – and the resources needed. So being more aware of everything we buy is key really.

Why is it important to you?

If not us, then who? We’re the dominant species on the planet, only we can sort it out. If everyone looked at the environment as something to treasure and cherish then we’d be in a lot better position. I don’t want my clothes, food or anything else to cost someone their life, their health or their landscape.

Georgina from Pebble Magazine

What everyday actions do you currently take to help you achieve that sort of lifestyle?

I’ve ditched single use plastic this summer. I’m working on a big feature about ditching straws. I don’t buy fast fashion anymore. I’ve swapped all my skincare and toiletries to natural ones that don’t come in plastics (and will work up a handy guide on pebble soon). I don’t really buy any things anymore. I’m weeding out plastic from our cupboards and slowly moving everything into glass jars.

I’m trying to love cycling in London but it’s terrifying. I’m eyeing up a composter and wondering if it will fit on my balcony. In the interest of honesty – I do still fly – but much less than I used to and am looking at carbon offsetting options. It’s about finding a balance for works for you – and it’s an ongoing process. No one wakes up one day and is 100% green.

What other green initiatives would you like to implement in your household?

Composting! Hard when you’re in a tiny 3rd floor flat in London. I want to do more planting for bees and ideally I’d live on a smallholding with chickens and sheep. I’d like to try making my own skincare.

What 5 top tips would you give to someone who wants to lead a more conscious, greener and zero-waste lifestyle?

  1. Don’t be put off by the hugeness of it all. Start small. Choose one thing you’re going to change and go from there.
  2. Different ideas work for different people and families. It’s more important to do what you can, than nothing at all.
  3. Ditch the plastic bottles and straws. They stick around for 200 years. We don’t need straws.
  4. As much as you can support local businesses, farmers markets and farms. As well as being less as a strain on the environment, running a small organic or ethical business is a labour of love.
  5. Remember as a consumer you have the power to change what big brands are doing. Vote with your wallet – it’s the most effective thing you can do.

Apart from the magazine’s website, you can also find Pebble Magazine on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook (which is a community group to enable sharing of advice on sustainable lifestyle).

And can YOU share some of your handy tips for leading a greener kind of lifestyle?

If you’re a green lifestyle and/or beauty blogger and you’re interested in being featured in my interview series, then please email me at alex@thatbutterflyeffect.com.

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