Morning everyone! How are you all after the Easter break? Had too much chocolate? Yes, us too! 🙂

We came back from our trip on Tuesday evening and I’ve been so disorientated this week. I always find it really difficult to re-adjust to my life here after I’ve visited my parents. I always miss them so much so it takes me a few days to get my head around everything and to get back to the routine. So I’m writing off this week and hoping things will settle into place next week. 

So this is what made me happy this week:

  • Family walk. The Hubby and I took the boys for a walk on Easter Monday which we really enjoyed. The sun was shining, Max was cuddled up to me in his carrier happily looking around, Leo and the Hubby were pretending to be news reporters, and we all felt so happy.
  • Routine. Being on ‘holiday time’ for so long was nice and relaxing, but after two weeks of no school runs, I kind of missed our daily routine. I’m still feeling very disorganised but it’s been nice to have a structure to our days again. 
  • Opportunities. I’ve received a few emails with regards to my blog which I’m really pleased with – I started this blog as a hobby so it’s so nice that people are actually reading it and brands are interested in collaborating. 
  • Bed. There’s just something utterly pleasant sleeping in your own bed, right? These days, I’m so exhausted that I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere within seconds (in fact The Hubby took a rather hilarious photo of me asleep on the plane with my mouth open) but nothing beats the sound of your bedsheets and getting all cosy underneath them 🙂 
  • More milestones. Max turned 8 months last Saturday and he’s been really active recently, crawling and even beginning to move into a sitting position from crawling. He’s so pleased with himself when he moves around the house but he seems to be attracted to everything that he shouldn’t be touching (which is fine – babies need to be inquisitive!) but we have to watch him like a hawk. We never had to watch Leo to this degree as he just wasn’t interested in wires, opening cupboards or sticking his fingers in sockets, so I reckon we’ll need to ‘baby proof’ the entire house soon!
  • New perfume. My usual perfume (Chanel’s Allure Sensuelle) is nearly finished so I decided to treat myself to a new scent (YSL Black Opium Nui Blanche), especially as I’d collected just over £90 in Boots points!!! I got the same perfume for my Mum for Christmas and when I was at hers last week, I had a good smell of it and convinced myself I really had to have it too 🙂 It smells really lovely!
  • Flexible working arrangements. As the date for my return to work is approaching (12 June), I had to apply for the continuation of my flexible working arrangements (i.e. condensed hours with a Friday off). My manager recently confirmed his approval so I’m really pleased as that will help me to keep a bit of a work-life balance.

That’s pretty much for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I have my last wisdom tooth removal booked for tomorrow so wish me luck – it has to be a surgical removal as the tooth is impacted inside the gum and when seeing the X-ray of it, the dentist said it wouldn’t be a straightforward procedure. I’m a little bit scared to be honest so I hope it isn’t too painful – ouch… xx

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4 comments on “My Happy Days #18 – Routine, perfume and opportunities”

  1. £90 in points! Wow that is amazing!! I love perfume- I have far too much! I love family walks – not been on one in ages now so you’ve reminded me to get us out this weekend! Thank you so much for joining in #HappyDaysLinky xx

  2. Ha ha, we had it easy with our first on the baby-proofing front too. When our youngest got mobile we had a big shock, she wanted to be in and pull everything! Sounds like a lovely week, I’m looking foto getting some routine back too. Great news on the job front x

  3. I know about the disorientation! We went to the US over Easter and I think I’m still a bit jet-lagged (and disorientated!)

    Nice to read what others have been up to lately – and fab news on some new collaborations Alex!

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