Hello everyone! I’ve had a quite a busy week, running errands and preparing ourselves for my two-week trip with the boys to see my parents in Poland. Unfortunately, yesterday Max got a bit of raised temperature so I’m hoping he’ll be bright as rain for our flight on Monday. 

My Happy Days #15 - Countdown, parcels and epic nap

So this is what made me happy this week:

  • Max – look at that cheeky smile! My happy little bunny, smiling at me, brightening up the day and making my heart melt. He’s normally the happiest little boy around so it’s been so upsetting to see him lose his usual happy mojo as he’s been a bit feverish towards the end of the week. I really hope it’s all down to those first teeth coming through and I pray they cut through soon. 
  • Countdown. Leo’s so very excited about our upcoming trip and he’s been counting down days for the past two months – bless him! So now that it’s just days away, he’s got his Trunki suitcase out and we made a list of what he wants to take, and he’s slowly packing away.
  • Booking flights. I think I mentioned before that we’d booked our summer holidays to Portugal and last week I also booked flights for Christmas to spend it with my parents in Poland (we go there every other year).The flight prices are ridiculously high for the Christmas period so we knew we had to do it way in advance. The other flights we booked were for my cousin’s wedding in September and I’m super excited about having fun with my immediate as well as extended family who I haven’t seen for years. She’s getting married to a Spanish guy so I’m looking forward to the Polish-Spanish mixture of cultures being incorporated into the wedding. 
  • Parcels with skincare goodies. I went a bit crazy last week and ordered £100 worth of skincare products from two of my favourite brands at the moment – Fushi and Akoma Skincare, and posted an Insta story where I showed my favourite items and what I use them for. Both of these brands produce amazing raw ingredients which I love experimenting with to produce my own homemade skincare products. I have a few recipes on my blog so do check them out (for instance, my lip balm or facial oils).  
  • Sushi. I’m a little obsessed with sushi so now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I can’t stop myself from having it ALL THE TIME! 
  • School’s out. As for many parents, yesterday was the last day of school and I can’t lie that I’m not happy about it – daily school run routine, as lovely as it is, can be really draining so I’m looking forward to 18 days of taking it easy, not rushing and just being in the moment. 
  • Epic nap. I’d been going to sleep way too late every night last week and it’s really taken its toll on me as on Friday I went for a nap with Max and we ended up having an epic three-hour nap together!!!! I felt so refreshed afterwards but that was short-lived as Max was waking up every couple of hours crying hysterically and was unconsolable so I’m back to square one feeling absolutely exhausted. I’m really hoping to catch up on sleep at my parents’ – sleep, here I come!

So that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be writing from my parents’ house so look out for some photos of my Mum’s beautiful garden which I love spending time in 🙂 Have a fab week, everyone! xx 

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