It’s been a while since I last wrote about which skincare products I’m currently using (you can read my last post My current head to toe beauty routine) so I really want to get into a habit of doing a monthly ‘favourites’ post from now on.

Here are my March favourites then:

1. Fushi Organic Shea Virgin Butter 

Raw shea butter is such a versatile product and I can’t live without it now. You can read my blog post 25 ways to use raw shea butter to see how I use it. Buy from Fushi or Feel Unique

2. Akoma Organic Rosehip oil

I’ve been using this facial oil for a couple of months now, either on its own or as part of my homemade facial oil (recipe here). Rosehip oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins C, A and E. It’s been shown to reduce wrinkles and have rejuvenating effect on the skin. Buy from Akoma Skincare 

3. Balm Balm Hibiscus Mask

I absolutely love the smell and feel of this mask once applied to the face! It only contains three ingredients: rice brown flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil so it gets my full marks for its natural credentials. Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

4. My own homemade lip balm 

This 5-ingredient balm has been a firm favourite ever since I made it. I also use it as a nappy balm for my little boy as honey has soothing properties, whilst shea butter helps to heal broken skin. Recipe can be found here.

5. Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask

Due to my sensitive skin, I prefer to use gentle skin exfoliators like the Balm Balm Hibiscus one on a more regular basis so I use this mask once every few weeks as it’s a little bit stronger due to its AHA (alpha hydroxy acids). Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

6. Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm

If you haven’t tried oil cleansing yet, then you really need to try it out! The oil cleansing method is based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’ and plant-based oils are excellent at dissolving dirt, sebum and make up, even waterproof mascara! It’s also best to use a muslin cloth to oil cleanse. Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

7. PHB Ethical Beauty Rosehip & Lemongrass Natural Soap

I’ve completely ditched handwashes in our household as the SLS within the conventional ones would always cause irritation to my skin while the natural handwashes are just too expensive. I’m a completely obsessive hand washer so I’d go bankrupt buying them! This soap is one of many that you can get from PHB, and they’re just fab and last much longer than a liquid handwash! Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

8. Laidbare Pack Your Bags Lighten & Tighten Eye Cream

I wrote about this eye cream as part of my review of the January LoveLula Beauty Box and I still love it as it’s really great at keeping my under eye bags and shadows under control. Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

9. Balm Balm Organic Rose Floral Water Hydrosol

This is my second bottle now as I find these hydrosols really effective at managing my skin’s redness and they’re also fab as a toner or a base for facial oils (which are best applied on sightly ‘damp’ skin). Buy from LoveLula Beauty.

Have you tried any of these products?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all products myself and all opinions expressed within this post are 100% mine and honest.

9 comments on “My skincare favourites – March 2017”

  1. Oooo I love buying/trying out new beauty products! Will definitely be trying the laidbare pack your bags cream.. being a mother for 9 years has certainly taken its toll on me! Thankyou for your recommendations! Xx

  2. This is such a useful round-up. I’ve just run out of day-cream and like your tip about the Rosehip oil. My only question is whether it has SPF protection?

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