Hello everyone! How are you all?

We’ve had a good week so far, not much happened really, just usual weekly routine but it’s been good on all fronts. Max is finally getting over his never-ending cold and I really hope that’s the end of all the germs for a while. Spring seems to be slowly making an appearance as well and that in itself is making me very happy inside. I dread winter every year, wishing I could just go and hibernate for a few months so when it gets warmer, it’s like I get awakened and get the spring back in my step (see what I did there ?).

Here’s what’s made me happy this week:

  • Last physiotherapy session. In my previous posts I mentioned that after Christmas I had some issues with my back which were finally sorted out by this amazing local physio. Earlier last week, I saw him again and luckily there’s no need for more treatments (for now) as I’m not having any more pains. I just need to maintain that by doing some gentle exercising to strengthen my back.
  • Warmer and longer days. We’ve had a few warm and sunny days down here which was just lovely as we were able to go to the park after school. Leo was so happy about it as he could run around with his school friends who were also there.
  • First time on a swing. One day at the park, I sat Max in one of the baby swings and he loved it so much! It really made my day and week to watch him being so happy and reminded me of the first time I took Leo on a swing. Just look at his face below – that smile is so infectious isn’t it?

  • Waving. Max’s new ‘thing’ is waving – it’s so endearing as it genuinely looks like he’s waving at people. Every time he does it, I wave back and say hello to him which makes him smile 🙂
  • My water baby. This week I finally started Max’s swimming lessons after a two-month break which we had to take due to his recurring cold. I was wondering whether he’d enjoy being in water as much as he had done before Christmas but he had so much fun.
  • My massage bars. I recently posted a recipe for these fab 100% natural and wonderfully nourishing massage bars that you can make at home, and I absolutely love using them after showering. They’re so easy to make so I’m hoping I can encourage more people to make their own skincare products. They would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day as well. *makes a note to make some more for my Mum*

  • Sticking to my resolutions. I mentioned last week or so that I’d given up sweets for the next few weeks and meat for ever, and I feel really pleased with myself for having enough strong will to carry on. Going meat free is no big deal for me but with sweets, I’ve found it quite challenging so I’m giving myself a small pat on my back.

That’s it for this week, folks – hope you’ve had a great week too and I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Keep pursuing those happy moments! x

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    • Thanks Karen and well done to you too!!! It really isn’t easy, is it? Apparently it takes 21 days for a habit to become ingrained in you so I have one more week to go! What sort of plan for cutting back have you got? I will need to keep it up after the 6 weeks but I don’t want to deny myself everything so need to find a healthy balance xx #HappyDaysLinky

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