Hi everyone, it’s time for my weekly gratitude list again.

I’ve been feeling quite run down over the past week or so, mainly because of not getting enough sleep, and it’s been quite hard reflecting back on the last week to find anything to be happy about as all I could remember was feeling low, tired and deflated. But as with every week, once I recalled each day’s events, I managed to find quite a few things.

So what’s made me happy this week?

  • My birthday’s celebrations. I wrote last Saturday that we were going out for a Thai meal to Covent Garden and I had a lovely time with my boys.
  • One on one time with Leo. On Sunday, I took Leo to cinema to see the ‘Sing’ movie (which was brilliant by the way!) and then for a spot of shopping, and we had such a lovely time together.
  • Pancakes. I’m sure you were all enjoying the Pancake Day on Tuesday, weren’t you? Well, in our household we’re a little bit obsessed about pancakes so we couldn’t not make them. This time, we went for a NIgella Lawson recipe for fluffy American pancakes with fruit, and date/ maple syrup. I had a few too many but they were oh so yummy.
  • Making some smaller and bigger life changes. I’ve decided to give up sweets completely until Easter as my sweet tooth had been a bit uncontrollable recently and I’d neglected my usual healthy eating habits. It’s been four days now since I started and I’m very pleased with myself. Apparently, it takes 21 days for a habit to become established so I still have some days to go so wish me luck. I’ve also decided to give up meat for ever, after years and years of wanting to do so. I’ve never really enjoyed meat so giving it up won’t be difficult for me at all but nonetheless, I’m really happy I’m doing so well – ten days so far.
  • Leo’s star award. Leo had another sharing assembly for parents and this time, he was awarded a ‘star award’ for excellent reading. I beamed with joy at my big boy and he was so pleased with himself too.

So that’s it for this week. I’m off to a hair appointment today – hopefully that’ll help me feel a bit better about myself. Have a fab weekend everyone!

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10 comments on “My Happy Days #11 – Time together, pancakes and star award”

    • I know what you mean Katy! I was being really good when pregnant with Max but after he was born, I just over did and put on some much weight so I really need a detox! I’m just worried I’ll go crazy with cakes over Easter lol! xx #HappyDaysLinky

  1. Aw well done Leo! And well done you for giving up sweets – I’m not sure I could do it myself! Those pancakes sound delicious and make ours seem really boring 🙂 x #happydays

  2. Aw sorry you’ve been run down recently. It’s so easy for us mums to just soldier on isn’t it? Sounds like a hair appointment is just what you needed! I know it always picks me up. Glad that you had a good birthday and hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Well done to your boy getting a star award. I love it when my kids achievements get recognised by others too, makes me burst with pride! Oh lordy I actually forgot to mention pancake day in my #happydayslinky post. I’m surprised my two weren’t sick the amount they stuffed in their mouths!

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