It’s time for my summary of our week in photos. I’m a bit disappointed with myself as I didn’t make enough effort to take out my phone or camera more to take snaps of the boys. Hopefully this week, there’ll be more opportunities given that it’s half term here. But for now, here’s a few snaps from last Sunday.

‘Making a den’. 

Leo loves making dens from cushions and bed throws, and this time round I offered to make him one the way I used to make it with my brother when we were kids. That is, the good old-fashioned way using chairs! Did you make dens like that when you were kids as well? Leo really enjoyed it and, as always, loved playing there with his toys as well as reading books. Maxi just looked on as he sat in his play nest – it won’t be long until he starts moving and joining in the fun. He already started pulling the bed throw down which Leo wasn’t too pleased about 🙂


‘Happy and content baby‘.

Maxi is just such a happy little boy and I could look at his smiley face all day. He’s recently started rolling over and he’s so chuffed with himself when he’s on his tummy.


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10 comments on “Remembering those days – our week in photos 7/52 {2017}”

    • Thank you Sarah, that’s very kind of you 🙂 and yes, you’re right – sometimes I try to get the boys to ‘pose’ for me but the photos end up much better when I just capture them as they are naturally xx #LivingArrows

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, you have taken some beautiful photos this week! There really is nothing like making a den as a child – he looks so happy and Maxi definitely looks like one content baby! x

    • Thanks Donna, things have gone from bad to worse on the photography front as missed a couple of weeks of Living Arrows aaargh! I’m blaming the bad weather and feeling a bit down because of it… I’m sure I’ll get back on track once spring arrives xx #LivingArrows

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