Happy weekend to all of you my lovelies! Hope you’re all well and welcome to my weekly gratitude list.

We are nearing the end of half-term so it’ll be back to our usual school run routine next week. I mentioned last week that I had a dentist appointment to extract one of my two remaining wisdom teeth and I’ve been in so much pain ever since. Oh my goodness, I’m such a wimp – I gave birth to Max on just gas and air but yet I can’t deal with a silly toothache! I didn’t really time the extraction very well right before half-term but thank goodness for painkillers, otherwise I’d have to hide curled up in bed all week from all the pain. Ouch 🙁

So what made me happy last week?

  • Relaxing and spending time with my boys. As much as I love our usual day to day routine of Leo’s school run, it is so exhausting with a little baby so this half-term was a very welcome break from rushing around. We had one lazy day just pottering around, watching films and on another, we went to see The Fantastic Dr. Seuss at Stratford’s Discover Children’s Story Centre which Leo really enjoyed.
  • My boys’ love for each other. Oh my goodness, my boys are just the cutest. I think I mentioned before that Max is absolutely fascinated by Leo and giggles at everything Leo does. But I’m really blown away by Leo’s kindness and nurturing nature towards Max. Every evening, he helps me out putting Max to bed – he closes the blinds, passes me Max’s muslin cloth, finds his bunny comforter that we misplaced during the day and then as the lights turn off, he gives Max a kiss on the forehead and whispers “I love you Maxi, see you in the morning” which is absolutely adorable.
  • Leo’s sensitive nature. The other day, when we were all lying in bed relaxing, I came across a Facebook video compiled of different photos from my feed, many of which featured Leo. Leo watched it with me and all of a sudden, he welled up and said he was going to cry! When we asked him why, he simply said: “Because this is so cute”. Yes – awww – I hear you say 🙂
  • Valentine’s dinner with The Hubby. We don’t really believe in celebrating the V-Day that much, except for a symbolic card but it was a very nice touch when The Hubby prepared a lovely dinner for the two of us when Leo and Max went to bed.
  • Having a bit of time to myself. On Wednesday, I went into my work office for a ‘keep in touch’ day so it was a kind of a day out for me. It felt very weird being back on a full commuter train, especially as I was so engrossed in my baby-led weaning book!- but I did enjoy that uninterrupted time to myself.
  • Seeing a friend who’s expecting in eight weeks. It was so lovely to catch up with her and I can’t believe she’s having a little girl soon and that we’ll be mammas together 🙂

I think that’s it for this week. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’m off to a quiz night with a few girlfriends tonight – it should be a fun evening because that’s how we Mums roll these days! 😀

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    • You’re right Carol, it did indeed. I don’t feel guilty feeling sorry for myself because it was really painful for a couple of weeks 🙁 just when it started to get better, the last wisdom tooth has started to ache 🙁 x #happydayslinky

    • Thanks so much, the extracted tooth is definitely better now, just in time for the last wisdom tooth to start hurting again 🙁 let’s just say we’re getting the little bugger out soon! xx #happydayslinky

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